The Need for Appropriate Sports Ground Fencing

Written By Alla Levin
June 22, 2022

The Need for Appropriate Sports Ground Fencing

In running a sports facility, a sports ground fencing system is critical in allowing players to enjoy sports without presenting hazards or nuisance to neighbors, pedestrians, or vehicular traffic. Aside from enhancing your club’s image, high-quality fencing protects the local community, visiting teams, and club members.

As fencing is part of a sports facility, not many people know that several types of sports ground fencing are available. Moreover, the fencing options must fit the sports played in the club. Each class has a unique set of features, so the fencing solution varies between sports grounds and playing areas within the same facility. Here are the specifications to consider:

It is vital for a sports facility manager to understand the different sports ground fencing options, as this will help determine the specifications to achieve the performance requirements while accounting for the aesthetics, costs, and other factors that go with the fence’s purpose.

Requirements of the facility

Consider the requirements of the facility before you select the fencing type. For example, do you need to prevent the balls from going outside the playing area? This is a common issue if the sports facility is a venue for netball, basketball, tennis, hockey, or football.

You may be thinking of installing a fence because the sports ground is close to a road, where a stray ball can cause an accident. In addition, your location may be accessible to rabbits, foxes, and dogs that can dig and foul the area. In such a case, you may need to bury part of the fence or set it in a concrete sill for increased protection. You can get expert help from the likes of and learn more about sports ground fencing.

The investment in a sports facility is sizeable, and it requires regular maintenance. Therefore, limiting access only to authorized users after regular operating hours is necessary to ensure that the sports facility is in top condition, secure, and requires minimal maintenance costs.

Resistance to unauthorized entry

No matter how aesthetically pleasing your sports facility is, it should be resistant to thieves, vandals, and even animals and other forms of wildlife. Therefore, the facility manager must think of the best way to protect the facility from intruders that can injure players, sports equipment, and other facilities. Gates and fencing are therefore essential to prevent intruders. Check out this website for additional information and learn what kind of fencing experts recommend.

Choosing the appropriate type of fencing

Today’s trend is to have a multi-use games area (MUGA), where you can integrate several sports, such as netball, basketball, football, hockey, and tennis. As such, you need MUGA fencing options. For the tennis courts, chain link fencing may be enough. But for other games where the ball delivers a stronger impact, something more durable such as welded mesh systems is needed.

There are several options for sports ground fencing. The facility manager must know which type will be the right match for the facility. The fencing should provide security and visual appeal. Moreover, its installation should be cost-effective, and its maintenance is minimal.

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