Finding The Best Hotel
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Finding The Best Hotel

Traveling is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. The chance to see the world, visit new places, meet interesting people, and enjoy good food are just some reasons people travel to places far from home. Travel covers all sorts of trips including brief vacations, long-term trips that cross a continent, and international business travel.

Even if traveling for work you may still have the time to enjoy a good hotel and some local cuisine. With careful planning, even a brief trip can give you plenty of experiences you remember for the rest of your life. A good trip, however, requires careful planning.

When traveling (especially abroad) you should carefully go over the details large and small. When writing down what you shouldn’t forget to bring with you and comparing airfare rates you should not overlook the hotel.

Hotels are an important part of any vacation or business trip and surprisingly can be overlooked. It’s very easy to focus on the part of the trip that involves getting to your desired location and concluding you’ll find a hotel when you get there.

While this is certainly not impossible by not booking a hotel in advance you lose access to some of the nicest hotels to stay at and the many amenities they offer. In addition, you may end up far away from the places you want to see. With some foresight, your hotel choice can play an important part in your travel plans and be a key part of your overall itinerary.

When traveling here are four hotels to keep in mind for your lodging requirements.

Hotel KlubbenHotel Klubben

The Hotel Klubben is located in Tønsberg, Norway just 63 miles from Oslo. The hotel is centrally located giving you easy access to all the places you want to be and the sights in the city. Recently remodeled in 2020 The Hotel Klubben offers accommodations for meetings, room for special events, a breakfast room, a lobby store, and comfortable rooms complete with all the comforts you expect, a free breakfast, and some rooms offer a scenic balcony view.

Grand Hôtel Stockholm

When visiting the historic city of Stockholm, Sweden the Grand Hôtel Stockholm should be near the top of your list of hotels to book a reservation at. A key part of history the hotel has been open since 1874 and has seen famous guests and historical events. They offer a spa, champagne bar, a wide assortment of food and drink, and elegant suites designed to provide you with the best in comfort and amenities.

Arken Hotel & Art Garden SpaArken Hotel & Art Garden Spa

Located at the Port of Gothenburg The Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa offers its guests a unique hotel experience. The rooms are quiet, comfortable, and peaceful. They also offer all the amenities you expect from a top-of-the-line hotel. They offer an indoor gym, an outdoor gym for when you want to work out in nature, a spa, art, and good food. The hotel’s spas are a key part of the hotel allowing you the chance to relax and unwind in comfortable and beautiful surroundings.


The TanumStrand located in western Sweden offers direct access to the archipelago of Bohuslän allowing you the unique chance to take in the natural beauty of this part of the world. They offer hotel rooms of all sizes no matter if you are traveling alone or are with the family.

In addition, many of these rooms have a lovely view of the nearby ocean. Amenities include a spa, indoor gym, and a full-service restaurant. The TanumStrand also offers an on-site marina and cabins for a truly cozy and unique vacation.

Final thoughts: finding the best hotelfinding the best hotel

A good hotel makes your trip even better. When traveling you want to have a place you can relax, enjoy good food, and get a good night’s sleep. Many of the best hotels offer amenities and comforts that can make even a day staying at the hotel a day well spent.

Careful research and making reservations in advance means you have access not only to a comfortable room but also to the exact location and extra features you need to make your trip even better. Plus, by getting reservations well in advance you save money and don’t have to worry about finding a room when you arrive.

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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