The Art of Decorating: 6 Tablescapes to Inspire Your Inner Hostess

Written By Alla Levin
June 24, 2022

The Art of Decorating: 6 Tablescapes to Inspire Your Inner Hostess

If you are like 70 percent of Americans wanting to enhance their home decor, beginning with your dining table is a good choice.

A beautifully-decorated dining table tells guests that you welcome their presence. It lets them know that you took the time and effort to prepare for them and that you are organized enough to plan ahead. Dining table decor is complex, however. Learn some dining table decoration ideas to help you and welcome guests.

Add a Statement Vase

Aside from being a useful container, adding a statement vase to your dining table can provide an easy and fuss-free centerpiece. You can add more than one vase, playing with height and colors to bring more eye-catching style to the tabletop.

Use a Table RunnerUse a Table Runner

Table runners allow you to bring pops of color and texture into your dining area. They can also help you play with proportions.

For a long dining table, having a runner that is shorter can connect one end of the table to the other. For shorter dining tables, adding a runner that folds over the ends elongates the table. Decorating with Ikat table runners allows you to add visual impact to the space while also functioning as a conversation starter.

Soften Modern Style With Florals

If you have a dining area decorated in a modern style, adding florals to your table can help make the space more welcoming. Florals pair well with metallics, hard lines, and sleek surfaces, providing great contrast. Enhance this by choosing florals in colors that contrast with the modern decor.

Create a Farmhouse Style With Rustic Pieces

To create a relaxed farmhouse look, sticking with natural fabrics and rustic decor pieces is crucial. Instead of using an entire tablecloth, use placemats made of bamboo or other natural fibers. Wooden placemats are also trendy.

To dress the table for guests, stick with bright colors like yellows and greens and simple ceramic vases. For added colors, fill the vase with wildflowers.

Art Of Decorating: Multiple CenterpiecesMultiple Centerpieces

If you have a long dining table, one centerpiece is not enough. Have a few down the table’s length. Avoid using identical centerpieces but, instead, choose complementary ones or even contrasting ones. If you use flowers and vases, choose a slightly larger arrangement for the middle and smaller ones spread down the table.

Use Fruits and Vegetables

Keep your dining table decor focused on food by using natural fruits and vegetables. To give the tabletop an Italian flare, use lemons and basil, or keep the look tropical by using pineapples and avocados.

Let Your Dining Table Decor Shine

Entice your guests from the moment they walk into your dining room by taking time with your dining table decor. Whether you have a modern style or a more rustic one, you can always improve your decor for a dining room table. Get more home decor inspiration by turning to our Lifestyle page!

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