Why You Should Consider a Home Exchange For Your Next Holiday

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2022

Why You Should Consider a Home Exchange For Your Next Holiday

Holiday prices are rising, and even staycations here in the UK aren’t necessarily cheaper than trips abroad. Many people are turning to home exchanges as an alternative way to travel, and this can be a great way of saving money and knowing that your own home is being looked after too. This article will explore the main advantages of a home exchange holiday.

What is a home exchange holiday?

If you’ve watched the 2006 film “The Holiday,” you’ll already grasp the basic concept of a home swap holiday. For those who haven’t heard of it before, a home exchange holiday is where two people or two families simultaneously swap homes for an agreed period, such as a long weekend or a fortnight. Unlike vacation rentals, you don’t have to pay a host to stay in their home, as you’ll be hosting them in your own home simultaneously!

What are the advantages of a home swap holiday?

There are many benefits to choosing a home exchange for your next holiday. Here are a few of the advantages of this type of getaway.

Cost-savinghome exchange

Holidaying via a home exchange drastically reduces the total cost of your trip. Accommodation is typically one of the most significant expenses when booking a holiday and with a home swap, this is removed entirely.

You will need to pay a membership fee to list your home for exchange on one of the many available websites. However, annual fees are typically less than the cost of a hotel’s one-night stay, so you’ll still be saving money. With your accommodation taken care of, you’ll only need to budget for your travel, food, and spending.


Home exchange holidays are incredibly convenient as you’ll be staying in a natural home from home, with everything you’d expect to find in it, from kitchen utensils and wine glasses to extra blankets and books. Some exchanges even have added extras, such as using a pool or car!

If you consider allowing your visitors to use your car during their stay, ensure they’re covered by insurance and that it’s all set for them to drive by ensuring your tyres are all in good condition and that you service the car.

Hassle-free Travel

A home exchange holiday is a truly hassle-free way to travel. It means you can pack light (no need to lug bedding and towels along!) You can also be as spontaneous or organized as you like.

So whether you’re booking a holiday for next year or want a last-minute break for this weekend, providing you can find someone to swap with, you’re not tied down to last-minute booking fees, hefty deposits, or fixed swap-over days and check-in times. All you need to worry about is getting there!

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