Five Tools Builders Need For Home Improvement

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2022
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Five Tools Builders Need For Home Improvement

Taking on home improvement work can be an excellent career choice for anyone with experience in DIY. There’s always demand for home improvement, and by targeting the right area, you should be able to find plenty of work.

But you’ll also need the right tools to carry out the work. Below, we explore five tools builders need for home improvement.

Drywall vacuum sander

For starters, a drywall vacuum sander and fire retardant wood are essential for home improvement. Your brief will often include repainting walls, and removing the original coating is an excellent way to start this process.

Usually, it can be a tough job, with dust flying everywhere from the sander. But by utilizing the vacuum with the sander, you’ll be able to strip the wall of paint without worrying about dust. You can buy this equipment at a nearby tool franchise and supply shop.


Multi-tools are a valuable way of packing high functionality into one piece of equipment – vital for home improvement. DeWalt oscillating tools are a crucial example of this: it’s versatile pieces of equipment with interchangeable attachments that can be used for cutting, scraping, sanding, and grinding. Meanwhile, there are also painter’s multi-tools out there that can help you during home improvement.

Cordless drillCordless drill

A reliable cordless drill is essential – you’ll use one on almost every project. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or redoing your bathroom, you’ll need a drill to help you create the necessary holes to combine materials. Ideally, you’ll go for one with a lithium-ion battery as they can last longer than traditional forms.

Basic toolkit

You’ll also need to invest in a basic toolkit, full of the little essentials you’ll need for every job. This includes mostly hand tools that can easily be deployed at a moment’s notice. Hammers, screwdrivers, a utility knife, and a tape measure are all vital for a start. Meanwhile, clamps and a wide array of drill bits can also come in handy for your toolkit. Plus, you should combine this with safety equipment such as durable gloves and goggles to keep you safe while you carry out DIY.

Table saw

A saw can help you cut through tough metals and wood. While you can get hand saws, a table saw is crucial for extra power.

This tool can effortlessly cut through thick materials with tremendous precision. The table saw is an excellent choice if you anticipate that you’ll need to cut materials down to size during your DIY projects.

Home improvement jobs can be a good source of income. Sure, you’ll have to make an initial outlay on equipment, but by following the guide above, you should be able to assemble your toolkit quickly.

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