4 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Selling Internationally

Written By Alla Levin
August 29, 2022

4 Things Every Business Owner Should Know Before Selling Internationally

Growing your business into a new market is a big step for every business owner, and it can take a lot of work to ensure things go smoothly. Suppose you’re interested in opening up your business to international customers. I

n that case, it’s essential to know that there’s a big difference between how you’re currently doing things and how you will have to do something in another country.

It would help if you were ready to change and adapt your business to fit your new customers’ regulations and expectations, which can be pretty expensive and time-consuming, even for a small business.

Learning your new market

Market research is essential for any development within your business, but this research is regarding the customs and appeals of another country. There are new competitors to learn about and strategies you can use.

While it can be complicated to get the hang of, it will likely present your business with more opportunities that you don’t have in your current market. Is your product or service needed in the new market? Can you find a new way to appeal to your unique audience?

Exploring shipping options

If you’re going to get your products to another country, you need to be ready with a distribution solution. Shipping products from A to B presents several concerns, as you can’t assure the quality of it once it has arrived overseas. You need a company you can trust, or else you need to find another solution.

Alternatively, you could have your products manufactured in the said country if it would prove cheaper, but that depends on the products you’re trying to provide. Distribution regulations may differ from country to country, so ensure you fully understand that before settling on something.

Selling Internationally: New Regulations

No matter where you sell your products, taxes will always be a part of the equation. International taxation isn’t something your business is going to be immune to, so you’re going to have to make sure you fully understand how much your prices need to be adjusted for international markets.

Even if you plan to sell B2B, there are still new regulations and tax issues you need to be aware of, or else your business will have to face the consequences.

Adapting to new languages

Opening to an international market can bring a lot of benefits, but before you can get those, you need to be ready to make your business more accessible. If you’re moving to a country that’s home to more than one language, then you need to be ready to adapt and change to fit that, or else you’re losing out on prospective customers.

Typically online businesses would make use of various apps to have their site change language at the click of a button. Setting it up can take time, and if you want to make sure it’s perfect, you’ll need the help of translators. 

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