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How To Use A Diamond Painting Pen A Full Guide

Everyone has different ways to relax. Some thrive more in the presence of others, while others feel more at peace on their own. But whether you’re a social butterfly or a simple wallflower, there’s something about keeping your hands busy that leaves people at ease.

After all, taking yourself away from the world and focusing solely on the process by which your art is realized is a great way to center yourself. That’s why creative pursuits like arts and crafts have always been popular. 

The versatility of arts and crafts is one of its greatest strengths. The sheer variety of possible projects in the arts and crafts realm may leave you feeling overloaded rather than bored. Diamond painting is one example of these creative activities.  

You won’t be painting an empty canvas using crushed diamonds to clear things up right from the get-go. Instead, you’ll use tiny pieces of rhinestones or crystals to put them on a template with numbers you can easily follow.

For the finished product, you’ll be looking at a mosaic piece of art. However, like a traditional painting, you won’t be able to pull that off without your paintbrush. In diamond painting sets, they come with a pen.

What Is A Diamond Painting Pen?

A diamond painting pen is an essential tool for carefully applying diamond beads, or diamond drills as they are commonly known, to the template. Hence, it’s best to purchase your kit from a reputable supplier.  

Utilizing a diamond painting pen is the key to producing excellent diamond paintings. That said, continue reading to learn how to use it effectively.  

Lay Out The MaterialsHow To Use A Diamond Painting Pen

When you’re interested in diamond painting, you must know that it typically comes as a kit. Thus, everything you need for the job will be inside it. So, before you do anything else, you should take out everything to see what you’re dealing with.

Your standard diamond painting kit must include the following materials:

  • Diamond painting template; 
  • Diamond beads;
  • Tray;
  • Wax;
  • Hobby knife;
  • Diamond painting pen.

Since those diamond beads are tiny, picking them up one by one with your bare hands or tweezers will be time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. With a pen in hand, you’re guaranteed a far more relaxing time from start to finish. After all, that’s what you’re aiming for when you buy the kit in the first place. 

Pour Out The Diamonds

After organizing your materials, start your diamond painting experience by pouring out your beads. Your tray will be the one catching everything, so ensure it is placed on a flat surface. Since you’ll be ‘painting,’ plenty of colors are involved in bringing it all together. Therefore, you might be looking at multiple sachets of beads, all with different colors. 

Thus, it’s a smart move to pour only one color into the tray. But don’t pour in everything. Otherwise, you’ll have difficulty shaking the tray to ensure the beads stay flat. Only pour out a portion that still leaves more room to spare inside the tray for an easier time moving the beads in place.

Apply WaxHow To Use A Diamond Painting Pen

Think of a stylus to better understand how a diamond painting pen works. While you use a stylus to tap the screen to make progress, the same principle can be applied to a diamond painting pen. However, before you tap, apply wax on the tip of the pen first.

The wax acts as the ‘magnet’ for the beads to stick on. But be that as it may, you must be mindful of how much wax you apply. If you put too much on the pen, it’s likely to ruin the adhesive on the canvas. Although, put too little, and the bead might fall off your pen before it can touch the template. Once you have the right amount of wax on the pen, start poking those beads.

Peel Off What’s Necessary

As mentioned earlier, the template has an adhesion across the surface. After all, those beads won’t stick by themselves. However, as pleasing as it is to peel everything off in a single move, ensure you only peel off the area where you’ll be painting on.

Because if you peel everything in one go, the template might collect dirt more instead of beads. Even after covering the template with beads, you’re bound to see dirt peeking out.

Aim For The Square

The entire process of only you filling out empty boxes for the beads makes diamond painting so satisfying. If you’ve ever painted something before, nothing hits the spot better than coloring within the lines.

So, with a bead stuck on the tip of your diamond painting pen, read the markings on each square carefully to know where it’ll go. Once you’ve placed it gently on its designated square, poke another bead to place it somewhere, and so on.    


Occupying your hands while your brain exerts minimal effort is a combination that’s not touched on often. However, once you’re doing arts and crafts, you’ll learn that it’s possible to ‘turn off your brain’ despite keeping your hands busy.

Diamond painting is the best example of taking care of yourself while having fun. Because as soon as you learn how to use the diamond painting pen, you’ll be painting diamonds for hours on end. 

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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