8 Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Business

Written By Alla Levin
September 26, 2022

8 Ways Technology Can Help Grow Your Business

A modern-day business cannot survive without incorporating technology into its everyday functions for long-term profitability. Even small-sized companies are integrating technological solutions with many of their business operations today, and one such example is automation.

Automation has infiltrated every aspect of businesses as artificial intelligence and various tech tools make organizations more productive and increase their sales, profits, and revenues. Here, we shall describe ten ways these tech tools will help your business grow and prosper in 2022.

Technology’s commercial advantages in 2022

From accounting and finance to marketing and advertising – different aspects of your business today can be streamlined through technology. Business owners shouldn’t neglect the importance of technology for business benefit because modern-day companies cannot prosper without collaborating with tech tools in 2022. Therefore, a business owner must learn to leverage technology for commercial advantages.

In addition, an organization can harness technology to gain a competitive advantage over industry rivals. We will mention some major business sections where you can introduce technology for more prosperity. So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic.

Manage business digitallyManage business digitally

Businesses today can operate more efficiently if managed digitally via cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems such as NetSuite. This system has been designed to serve the operational requirements of modern-day enterprises. So, how do you avail the services of a cloud ERP system?

Just contact authorized NetSuite Solution Providers and Resellers to serve as your single point of contact through the entire licensing process.

Analyze website traffic

Brands have become conscious of how users perceive their websites based on user-friendliness. For instance, slow-loading websites aren’t visited by users vehemently. It’s estimated that 50% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than 6 seconds to load on their screens. But technology allows brands to analyze user engagement with their websites and online traffic. This analysis can help organizations understand if their sites produce the desired output.

Therefore, you can leverage services such as Google Analytics to evaluate a site’s performance and traffic. By assessing this performance, you can modify your marketing strategies. For instance, many brands have switched to mobile-first strategies after learning that most site visitors are phone users. This mobile-first approach improved these websites’ bounce rates radically.

Communicate with employees

During the pandemic, lockdowns and quarantines compelled companies to switch to other means of communication. Therefore, Zoom and Hangouts allowed organizations to conduct face-to-face video talks with workers without endangering anyone’s well-being.

Today, these services have become an essential portion of the hybrid workplace that succeeded traditional offices. Companies can conduct business now internationally, and distances cease to serve as a problem for international business.

Secure your dataCommunicate with employees

Companies are increasingly going paperless and ditching paperwork for the cloud. The cloud allows an organization to upload its documents online for safekeeping. So, you don’t just secure your data but also make it accessible to employees worldwide.

Today, large-scale companies can’t fathom a world without cloud-based storage solutions. There is no need to get some high-capacity storage devices when you must purchase space on the cloud to store information.

Pay vendors effortlessly

Cash will soon become – it is suspected – a thing of the past. Even card-based payments are slowly being replaced by an even more radical concept, i.e., contactless payment. This concept became dominant when the pandemic was at its extreme.

Contactless payments or web-based transactions are making business safer, faster, and more efficient for everyone. Vendors and customers will appreciate doing business with you if you offer them alternate payment methods.

Serve your customers

Customer service has become more effective thanks to today’s introduction of services such as chatbots. These chatbots are AI-enabled mechanisms programmed to respond to customers’ questions in a human-like manner.

Your representatives may get exhausted by people’s repetitive queries, but these chatbots can repeatedly answer the same question without fatigue. No wonder over 69% of customers prefer interacting with chatbots. Now, these chatbots are available to assist people on your website 24/7 in as many languages as you can afford. Moreover, chatbots can encourage your customers to leave reviews on the website. That’s how they drive more sales by talking to people.

Manage projects effectively

Technology enables business managers to monitor every project’s progress properly and ensure they’re finished without delays. Software programs such as Manymoon and Basecamp have made project management effective for leaders today, collaborating with workers and sharing important documents with them.

Moreover, applications such as Roambi allow managers to turn complex data into readable graphs for understanding the information effortlessly. All this has become possible thanks to technology.

Better cybersecurity measuresBetter cybersecurity measures

Growing your business isn’t possible unless your customers’ information remains safe from hackers and blackmailers. Cybersecurity has become a major concern for modern-day organizations. Interestingly, over 80% of U.S.-based companies admit to being hacked into by cybercriminals attempting to steal their data.

But advanced technology now can heavily diminish these threats to your security online. Organizations are leveraging end-to-end hardware/software encryption methods to secure their data and upload sensitive information to the cloud to avoid data deletion threats by cybercriminals.

Moreover, facial identification services restrict unauthorized access to your hardware devices, thereby increasing the offline security of your customers’ information.


Let’s recap everything we’ve discussed regarding technology and its impact on business growth. Why should your business invest in modern technology? Technology enhances your workforce’s productivity, improves your marketing strategies, and extends your website’s online traffic. It helps you better understand your customers, bolster customer service, and communicate with employees everywhere.

You can also store your data in the cloud, making it secure. Make your payment techniques effortless as well with modern technology. Manage every project efficiently and allow automation to make mundane jobs more effective. These are a few benefits your organization gets after getting some tech tools.

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