Hospitality Marketing: Digital Trends to Adapt in 2024

Written By Alla Levin
October 01, 2022

Hospitality Marketing: Digital Trends to Adapt in 2024

As we turn pages of the past disruptions and all the chaos that COVID-19 brought, there is no chance that the hospitality industry doesn’t cross our minds. But indeed, it has forced us to use some of the most advanced features and tools that have caused advancement in business processes.

As a business owner, keeping an eye out for the latest trends can help you stay ahead of the competition prevailing in the market. In this blog, we will discuss hospitality marketing, AKA digital marketing trends in the hotel industry you can adopt in 2024. Let’s dig into the latest and most significant developments reshaping guest experience, tech adoption, and tourism.

What is Hospitality Marketing?

To ensure that people are aware of particular hospitality businesses in the market, various hotel owners run different kinds of marketing plans. Thus, hospitality marketing trends refer to marketing tactics adopted to promote hospitality business to the public.

Marketing in the hospitality industry is crucial for every other owner so that their services can reach the right customers at the right time and help them boost their proficiency and profit.

Hospitality marketing helps advertisers, hoteliers, restaurants, and consumer services to bring awareness and knowledge of their products and services. All such marketing strategies can help brands to drive customer engagement and stay at the top.

Digital Marketing Trends in The Hospitality Industry You Need to Know In 2023Hospitality Marketing

In the digital marketing era, there remains cut-throat competition between different businesses in the market to optimize their marketing strategy for the best results. A result-driven marketing campaign can turn out to be a great boon for your business if you do it in the right manner.

So, if you are someone in the relevant field, you must ask yourself – what are the latest trends in hospitality marketing? This will help you analyze further and accordingly manage your marketing plan to get the best out of it.

Use Hotel APIs For Your Business

As a digital marketer or hotel business owner, have you also pondered the question: What is the future of the hospitality industry? If yes, then you can get your answers in this ever-changing technology that has made the business processes of such hotels much easier and quicker. Allow us to introduce you to the future of the hospitality industry – Hotel APIs.

A Hotel Integration API is a web-based service that enables various hospitality business organizations to gather data and information on multiple aspects of the industry in a single result. You can search for price trends, demand forecasts, real-time availability of rooms, and much more. By forming an appropriate business strategy, you can then utilize this information to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

One such platform is MacKorps – A hotel api that provides price comparison from 200+ OTA, reviews, and ratings from the platform you want. Plus, you can use many other APIs for your hotel that do hotel content mapping, room mapping, and more. However, To stay one-step ahead of your competitors, providing a competitive price to your customers is extremely critical.

Virtual ToursHospitality Marketing

Virtual Reality has transformed the digital world and enriched the hospitality industry marketing to a great extent. Recent past records have shown that many Travelers have switched to virtual tours of the property they will stay in.

It provides them an opportunity to get an insight into the travel experience, quality services, and hotel tours. For an average customer, it has enhanced the customer experience when exploring the surrounding area. Also, it gives them an opportunity to benefit from the try-before-you-buy concept of marketing.

Travelers and event planners can now book the perfect venues through this feature, saving time and cost efficiently. Also, it greatly speeds up the booking process, allowing higher revenue generation for the hospitality industry. This new marketing trend for hospitality is supposed to grow more with the commencement of 2023 as modern guests are more interested in experiencing their hotels and staying on a prior basis.

Prepare For The Upscale in Global Tourism

With the imposition of lockdowns and other restrictions, people are looking for new opportunities and ways to deal with the mundane days of life. This has facilitated many people to plan various travel plans in the upcoming days. The lack of entertainment options and staying at home has filled up many’s pockets, and many people are ready to spend it on the fun part.

A thorough study and planning on this aspect will give you a proper insight into how the hospitality industry is changing. For this reason, the hospitality industry is expected to experience immense growth and a rise in the number of travelers in the forthcoming year. Also, people can now travel more because of the change in work culture and the promotion of remote work.

Thus, your hospitality marketing strategy should be planned accordingly to target such an audience on a large scale and attract them to the business. Evaluate your budget and target audience to anticipate the demand growth in the industry.

Create A Digital BrandCreate A Digital Brand

Going digital is no longer an option for many hotels, it is something that every business would have to do to maintain its presence in the industry. Creating a brand in such a digital world is an asset for any hospitality business.

Hotel Marketing Management today should be thus focused on building a brand that is recognized and chosen by multiple searchers in a single view. Developing trust through constant quality assurance and regular communication can help you set a distinct brand image in your customer’s eyes and will efficiently increase your profit.

Add contactless options, digital menus, and digital concierge services so that you can amplify your digital game in the industry. Also, after setting all your business functions online efficiently, you need to conduct effective marketing campaigns online to build and earn the trust of your customers.

You can start building your brand with questions like – how differently and uniquely you can place your hotel brand in the eyes of your customers, what marketing strategy you can adopt, and What is the most effective trend in the hospitality industry nowadays?

Web Scraping Tools

Digital Marketing for hotels requires some prerequisite data on the current trends, demand forecasts, and other important information of customers. Based on such individual tested data, hoteliers are able to create ads and other marketing campaigns that are able to target the right market segment and derive maximum results.

Thus, the collection of such beneficial data requires lots of effort and time, which most hotels have been putting in for the past many years. But, with the advancement of technology and change in marketing for hospitality and tourism, hoteliers need to change their working processes with current practices.

One such practical advancement includes the name – Web Scraping tools are incredibly beneficial for the hospitality industry and play a crucial role in the success of all those businesses looking to collect important data about the industry with minimum effort.

With the help of Web Scraping software, you can easily scrape data through multiple platforms in a single go, and it helps you to save lots of effort and time.  Thus, business owners who are looking to jump on the current trends can adopt and include such software to enhance their business functions.

Attract a New Generation of Travelers with a Unique Staying ExperienceAttract a New Generation of Travelers

The most important thing for any business to grow is giving its customers the best of services for a lifetime experience. A customer never forgets the experience of the place they stayed in; it is one of the essential parts that will decide if they will visit you again or not. Thus, marketing for hospitality and tourism go hand-in-hand to persuade customers with lucrative and luxurious experiences.

The new and upcoming generation of travelers believes in the experience as well. Thus, marketing for hospitality should be done in such a way that it promotes a unique staying experience to attract a greater number of customers to your business. If your property offers a service that can create a memorable stay and is not easy to get anywhere else, promoting the experience of those services would give you an edge over others.

Similarly, if your business is at a location that attracts most travelers, you can try to sell the experience of nearby attractions and what it would be like to stay there. So, selling and marketing a unique staying experience is the key.


So, after reviewing some of the biggest hotel marketing trends for 2023, we believe that your marketing plans are going to bring you to the top in the forthcoming year. Since you can now identify industry changes that are likely to have the biggest impact on your industry, we believe that your budget allocation, implementation of new technology, and hotel policies would bring better results. Incorporate the hospitality marketing digital trends to adapt in 2023 into your marketing strategies early to get ahead of the competition.

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