Can I Claim More Than One Free Bet

Written By Alla Levin
October 04, 2022
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Can I Claim More Than One Free Bet

Signup Offer?

Bookmakers have many betting offers to incentivize new customers to join their platform or for existing customers to bet more often. The free bet signup offer is one of the most popular because you can get a free stake in a bet that carries no risk to your account.

The obvious answer to whether you can claim more than one free bet signup offer is an emphatic “Yes!” But that’s if you’re willing to do the work it takes to make it happen. 

Are You Willing to Do the Work?

Let’s face it. Bookmakers aren’t in the business of losing money or giving it away; their job is to detach you from as much of your wealth as legally possible. They have a wide range of tools, technology, and outright trickery, to make it happen.

But it’s gambling, right? You’re here for the thrill of victory and, sometimes (hopefully not often), the agony of defeat. It’s all a matter of perspective. But can you, as an individual, win against the house? Yeah, but it’s a lot of work.

One way to beat the house is to claim as many signup bets as possible. Since there are hundreds of sports betting sites across the internet, you’re guaranteed to find more than enough free bets to keep you occupied for quite some time.

The work is going through the arduous process of opening accounts with each sports betting site because you’re only allowed one signup free bet per account, and you can only have one account per site. If you’re a husband and wife team, the strategy explained here becomes a little easier to execute, but you still have a lot of paperwork to open the necessary account. 

Beat the House with Matched BetsCan I Claim More Than One Free Bet

You can turn a profit if you skillfully employ the matched bet strategy with free betting offers from online sports betting sites. Here’s how it works if you implement this strategy with a partner, like your spouse. 

You each open a new account on a sports betting site, with both of you qualifying for a free bet incentive. Now, pick a game, like a football, basketball, soccer, whatever, and you each make opposing bets. One of you is going to win, and the other will lose. But since neither of you staked any money to place the bets, you incur zero loss! Every bet is a winner, no matter what.

Let’s use an example. The Buffalo Bills are playing Dallas. You bet on Dallas, and your partner bets on the Buffalo Bills. If the odds are similar for each bet, you will reach either win or lose nearly identical amounts. Since they are free bets, you always win because the losing bet will be refunded during settlement.

Is It Too Good to Be True?

Well, maybe. It depends on the details of the terms and conditions of the site in question. As seen on free bet comparison sites like seen here there are also the typical obstacles bookmakers throw in your path to force you to lose your free bet stake, like playthrough requirements, minimum odds, etc. But even those can be overcome if you’re always placing opposing bets on one of them, with or without your own money, to generate a win. 

If you’re required to play through your stake, that’s fine. Remember, you both have to play through it. Just keep playing opposing bets. One will always win, and one will always lose. With similar odds, you’ll break even when playing with your money and always be ahead when using free bets.


Skillfully executed, the matched bet strategy can work, but like everything in life, nothing is guaranteed. Do your homework and wager carefully, and you might consistently beat the house at their own game!

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