6 eCommerce SEO Tips You Must Go Along With

Written By Alla Levin
October 07, 2022
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6 eCommerce SEO Tips You Must Go Along With

SEO strategies are challenging yet highly effective when implemented, but things become even more complex in the eCommerce industry.


Because there is too much competition on a global scale and not so much space to think out of the box, however, if you implement SEO for eCommerce properly, your business will grow and overtake your competitors faster than you might think.

Therefore, we will address six eCommerce tips you must go along with if you want to increase your organic traffic and become the number one choice of your potential customers.

Let’s begin.

Use Relevant and Proper KeywordseCommerce SEO

The primary and only essential point of using relevant and proper keywords addresses two aspects: to make your service and product information friendly to potential buyers and to provoke Google and other search engines to pay attention to your store instead of others.

You must use relevant keywords that represent your products accurately, but they also need to have a high search volume and are something that users search in Google and other search engines. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds since most searched keywords change from time to time, as all trends in any industry change.

However, it’s valuable to use exact keywords for SEO and also relevant ones to improve your ranking on the SERPs and become visible to potential customers.

Avoid Duplicate Content As Much As Possible

This aspect may be the hardest one regarding eCommerce SEO since it’s highly challenging not to create duplicative content. The reason is that many things on your eCommerce website or store are naturally similar.

However, you must pay attention to it since search engines, especially Google, pays a lot of attention to whether your site has duplicate content or not. If you do, your store won’t be able to rank higher on search engines since Google will see it as irrelevant or something that doesn’t provide enough relevance for possible buyers. Don’t forget that Google wants only the best for its users.

Of course, nothing can be perfect, so having duplicate content between only a few pages may not be a massive issue. On the other hand, search engines may even penalize you for having too much duplicate content since they have search engine algorithm changes more often than you think.

Therefore, make sure to create unique product descriptions for every item that is also interesting and easy to understand. Make from three to a maximum of five sentences to describe your product while also using proper keywords.

Last but not least, never copy blog posts or any content from other eCommerce sites.

Always Use Alt Text for Your ImageseCommerce SEO

Another essential aspect of eCommerce SEO is to always use alt text for your site’s images. Google and other search engines can not literally see your images, so you have to use alt text to tell them what your image represents.

An alt text is a caption you include for each image on your eCommerce website and should have a target keyword and be descriptive simultaneously. In essence, your ultimate goal must be to describe the image so that everyone who cannot see it can understand it immediately.


Because an alt text is not only essential for search engines but also for people with visual impairments. So, make sure to include a target keyword and describe the image in the best way possible by making it look natural. The goal is not to put a keyword ‘just like that’; it’s also essential for the alt text to make sense.

Keep Track and Avoid Broken Links

Once again, here’s another aspect that it’s bad both for search engines and customers as well.

If you have broken links on your eCommerce website, you will confuse your site visitors and provoke them to leave your store immediately. They will have a bad user experience and probably won’t come back ever again.

Furthermore, it’s even worse for Google and other search engines since every link helps them understand your website’s structure and ensure you share valuable information.

Therefore, if you don’t keep track and avoid broken links, people will leave your site in a matter of seconds, and even more importantly, Google will view your site as entirely useless. Of course, monitoring all your links can be challenging and time-consuming.

Luckily for you, you can use the Screaming Frog site audit tool or various others to keep track of your broken links. Additionally, it’s worth considering ecommerce seo audit services if you want to ensure everything runs smoothly in the long run.

Also, when you change the URL of some page, set up a 301 redirect to tell Google that you have updated your link.

You Must Be Mobile-FriendlyScreaming Frog site audit tool

You already know that eCommerce transactions are on the rise, so creating a mobile-friendly site is essential. Furthermore, people use smartphones to purchase things most of the time, so you must become mobile-friendly even if you’re not.

Also, visiting your website on a mobile device dramatically impacts how visitors interact with all your site elements and products. Make sure your menus, icons, and paragraphs have phone screens in mind.

Site Security Has Never Been More Essential

Data breaches by hackers are becoming more and more common all over the globe, so it’s essential to secure your eCommerce website. The best thing is to implement an SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer certification. It will help encrypt user data much better when your buyers are shopping. Doing this will prevent risks and vulnerabilities to their information and make them feel safe.

SSL is necessary for sites in any industry, but even more so for eCommerce, considering the nature of the industry and the constant purchasing. In addition, this will improve your SEO since Google and other search engines will see your eCommerce site as safe for their users.

Making your eCommerce site successful will be much easier if you have a proper eCommerce SEO plan. A well-thought SEO campaign is necessary for any industry, but even more so for eCommerce!

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