Home Ventilation: Improving Its Quality and Quantity

Written By Alla Levin
October 13, 2022

Home Ventilation: Improving Its Quality and Quantity

It’s more than just opening a window! Ventilation is something that’s naturally very important, but if your home is not well-ventilated, the scent diffuser you recently invested in is not going to spread the benefits around. Improving ventilation in your home can be done with some of the following methods. 

Dictating the Airflow

While many people opt for an HVAC system, this is a great way to direct airflow around the home, but for people who are not able to invest in an HVAC system or the system is not doing what it should, it’s essential to find other ways to let the air around the property.

In a design sense, using custom perforating tools can pierce holes in parts of the property to ensure there is more airflow. When you start to increase the number of opportunities to filter that are into the property, this will naturally improve the quality of the air in the space. 

Removing CondensationRemoving Condensation

Condensation is a problem that occurs mainly in the winter months. When we experience condensation, this is due to more warm air, which carries more moisture, and when it becomes trapped in our homes, it forms water droplets on cool surfaces. This is why you would see them on the walls and windows. Having a continuous flow of air throughout the property ensures the levels of humidity stay low.

You may find yourself wanting to keep all of the heat in the property, especially as the weather gets cooler, so you need to find the right times a day to open the windows. The best time to do it is when it’s at its warmest outside. Midday is the best time of day to ensure freshness comes into your home and reduce condensation as a result. 

Reducing Asthma Triggers

The air quality in the house is vital for people with asthma. Asthma is triggered by dust mites that thrive in damp and moldy environments. You can install an energy-efficient ventilation system to remove dust mites, but you can also remove flooring where dust might become trapped. Perhaps removing the carpet and replacing it with hardwood floors can make a big difference here. 

Removing Sprays

For those who like to use hairspray instead of using it in the home, you may wish to find a part of the home that has more ventilation to ensure that this can escape the property quickly.

For example, using it by an open window. Additionally, you may want to detoxify your home on a regular basis by focusing on using fans as close as possible to an open window blowing outside to remove virus particles and triggers. 

Creating an Airflow With Multiple Open Windows and Doors

When doing so is safe, you need to bring outdoor air in. During the winter, there are minimal allergens in the air, so this is the best time to bring fresh, high-quality air into the property. Increasing ventilation in the home is vital; hopefully, some of these practices can get you started. 

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