Global Construction Market and Its Prospects for 2030-2050

Written By Alla Levin
November 04, 2022

The Main Insights About Global Construction Market and Its Prospects for 2030-2050

Some people consider that it’s not easy to predict future events. But nothing of this kind if you have enough insights to analyze. For example, the construction sector will be one of the ever-growing ones in the world in 2022.

It can be explained by the overpopulated territories where more and more residential and commercial premises are required. Additionally, the world switches from old building techniques to eco-friendly and green construction.

New tech solutions and improved safety measures transform this sector and the general development of the global construction market. Let’s look at the main insights in building and its prospects expected in 2030-2050 worldwide or in some regions.

For example, digitization and automation with the implementation of construction estimating software, BIM software, 3D modeling systems, AI-based tools, and other approaches will cover the construction sector worldwide.

If we speak not about on-trend and top-priority or digital-friendly strategies, they can take place only in some regions. For example, countries of Asia and Africa can follow more regional construction approaches than commercial or industrial building trends. Each corner of the world obtains its necessities and challenges to solve.

Global Construction Outlook in 6 Facts to Take into AccountGlobal Construction Outlook

Let’s start with the Oxford Economics estimate of global construction in 2020-2022. Only imagine that this figure is about $11 trillion. It is five times bigger than in 2011-2013. The estimate shows that the market is ever-growing. And this tendency is not going to change. The output of the global construction market is more than $6 trillion US dollars.

Speaking about insights that can characterize the construction sector and the development of the building sector in general, here they are:

  1. The figure for the global construction market is going to be doubled by 2030. The output of the global building sector is going to be tripled by 2050. For example, some experts state that the construction niche will be estimated at 15.2 trillion American dollars in 2030. The most emerging regional markets will bring $5-6 trillion annually.
  2. The most developed regional construction is expected in Asian countries with their overpopulated territories. Sub-Saharan African countries also require modern regional building solutions that began to be implemented in 2020-2022 to cover the needs of citizens.
  3. There are four counties that perform ever-growing statistics in the construction niches. China, the USA, India, and Indonesia are emerging building markets and leaders in digitization and automation through modern tools for design and on-site tasks.
  4. The residential construction sector will develop slower than other ones. But this niche is the biggest in the world. That is why it is difficult to expect enormously rising statistics here. Nevertheless, the recovery of the residential construction sector is predicted after COVID-driven quarantines and the coronavirus outbreak.
  5. One of the key factors for emerging construction markets is urbanization. Those regions where the growth of residential buildings is useless will not demonstrate high statistics and outputs. But the number of urban areas is going to grow without stopping on the African and Asian territories. Thus, this figure will be 90% higher in 2050 in comparison with showings for 2020-2022.
  6. One more direction in the construction that is ever-growing in 2020-2050 is infrastructure building. It is worth noting that urbanization requires fast updates and scaling-up of cities, towns, roads, obstacles, public places, etc. That is why it is expected that infrastructure will become one of the most invested directions in global construction. But most of the contributions will come from public spending funds.

To sum up, the construction sector is going to grow. All the directions are expected to develop and be improved through modern technologies like AI-based solutions, cloud-based document sharing, estimating software, 3D modeling tools, etc. According to Oxford Economics experts and their research, construction will be in line with ever-growing niches like services, manufacturing, and extraction with a similar CAGR percentage.

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