Home Remodeling Ideas For 2022

Written By Alla Levin
February 05, 2022

Home Remodeling Ideas For 2022

The 3rd year of the pandemic has turned our homes into a base of operation for many things. Our homes now host a number of activities we used to have someplace else. This new trend inspired people to rethink their interior design and try to adjust better to the current situation.

This is what humans do; we adapt but also value aesthetics and uniqueness. If you spent the previous two years brewing up ideas in your had, 2022 is time to act and finally do the remodeling of your home. I broke the ice and decided to change something about the living space I spend the vast majority of time in.

Change is good, and refreshing your surroundings is a sort of therapy in these weird times. Ten Key Remodels shares helpful insight for all looking to find the best remodeling ideas for their home.

Multipurpose RoomsMultipurpose Rooms

Now that we spend more time indoors and focus on performing as many activities at home as possible, the original purposes of certain rooms have started to blur and mix. Adults work from home, children attend school from home, and it can become quite challenging to accommodate everyone without stepping on each other’s toes.

One of the main reasons to change your furniture to a new, more adjustable one with multifunctional features is to allow dining and studying spaces to co-exist. Imagine having four people in one room and, they all use laptops. A smart thing to do is designate central charging stations where all cables can flow seamlessly without interrupting walking paths.

The kitchen island no longer functions as a storage or dining surface. It was also repurposed to a studying or working station where you can have zoom calls and have a snack.

Whether you want to upgrade your home or consider selling in the future, you should have multipurpose in mind. One room should fit a range of activities that don’t necessarily have anything in common. If your kitchen is spacy, you can further utilize that space with convertible furniture that would allow you to squeeze in some gym equipment.

Safe Space Bathroom

Now that the whole family is homebound, it is good to use all the space available in the best way possible. One of the candidates for remodeling is the bathroom, probably the only area of your home where you can seek some peace and privacy.

Custom storage units allow you to put the walls to better use and create more space to move around. Good lighting can also make the room look spacier and more welcoming. Deep vessel sinks also create more space by emphasizing depth rather than width.

Docking RoomDocking Room

Alongside the new delivery culture, homes are starting to adapt some areas to a landing zone where they can accept deliveries leave dirty shoes, raincoats, bicycles, or anything too dirty for the interior.

This room is a transition area to the rest of the home, an alternative to a hallway in the sense that it allows multiple actions and flexibility. It can also serve as a storeroom where you can make custom ample cabinets and store off-season clothes, gym equipment, or anything you frequently use for outdoor activities.

Home Remodeling Ideas 2022: More Storage More Happiness

The best way to create more space is to get rid of old clothes or things that don’t have any sentimental or practical value and only take up space.

Still, if you aren’t willing to purge redundant items, you better make good use of the space by adding storage units everywhere. Walls, space under your bed, cabinets with pull-out shelves can save a lot of space.

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