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Telescopic Slides A Very Useful Solution

When it comes to moving drawers efficiently, quickly, and easily, telescopic slides are the best solution for businesses. These slides can provide many benefits with their application, which are essential to know to get the most out of them.

A solution with many advantages

Telescopic slides or guides allow drawers to be moved forward and backward, thanks to their design having different elements that allow them to slide easily and safely, allowing access to the contents they may contain or to store items in these drawers.

The advantages this solution can provide are numerous and very important. We highlight them below.

High resistance

These slides are very resistant, thanks to their manufacturing materials: steel slides, used in most applications and sectors; aluminum slides, which are a lighter but effective solution; and stainless steel slides, perfect for corrosive environments and those exposed to high levels of humidity.

In addition, telescopic slides are manufactured by extrusion, which gives them greater resistance and reliability in their various applications. In this way, they can have a longer life in the intense and prolonged work for which they are required.

Also, since they require little maintenance since the high-pressure bearings are covered with grease, they can better withstand the various tasks to which they are subjected without reducing their useful life.

The guides can also be disassembled, which facilitates maintenance and is very useful in abrasive environments or when they are frequently soiled.

In any case, it is recommended that they be greased twice a year to keep the guides working at their best, but if they get dirty easily and are exposed to abrasion, they should be greased more frequently so that they do not present problems during use.

A variety of options

There are several types of slides on the market, each tailored to the needs of each customer.

There are two-body or partial-extraction slides, three-body or full-extraction slides, and four-body or super-extraction slides, each useful for different applications and industries.

It is possible to find slides with different types of closing or opening systems, such as double handle systems with external locking, bi-directional, systems for articulated or removable drawers, the options are very varied.

It is even possible to obtain slides of different lengths, from 100 mm to 3 meters, allowing the useful stroke required for each application.

High load capacity

In many cases it is necessary to move heavy objects. Thanks to the high load capacity of these slides, it is possible to do this quickly, for example, for objects weighing from a few kilos to a ton.

Thanks to these advantages, telescopic slides are one of the best solutions for opening and closing drawers, depending on the needs of each industry in different sectors.

Where to find them?

As these slides are to be used very frequently and have to withstand high-weight loads, it is essential to buy them from a professional company to guarantee the quality of the materials and the necessary resistance.

In addition, the slides can be given an anti-corrosion treatment, such as white galvanization for steel or colorless anodization for aluminum.

Telescopic slides make it possible to move heavy loads more easily and safely, as it is a resistant and efficient system, perfectly suited to the needs of sectors such as railroads, for example.

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