What Are the Signs That You Need a Pallet Rack Replacement?         

Written By Alla Levin
February 04, 2021
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The Signs That You Need a Pallet Rack Replacement

Frequent inspection of your pallet racks helps you identify problem areas and proactively take corrective measures. The latter addresses a potentially detrimental safety hazard from erupting. Pallet racks for sale are prone to damage in your warehouse from:

  • Improper installation
  • Overloading racks with reduced capacity
  • Use of faulty equipment that damages racks on a collision
  • Making operational changes not compatible with the rack design
  • Incorrect use of warehouse equipment

Rack Inspection

A visual inspection of your pallet racks is undertaken to check for potential damage. If you notice any of the listed signs, empty the rack, flag it, and assess the extent of damage caused:

  1. Misaligned beams and racks
  2. Rust or corrosion
  3. Split steel components
  4. Faulty attachments in your racking assembly
  5. Bent or dented sections

Decisive Factors

You should be guided by safety and cost considerations while weighing whether repairing or replacing your damaged pallet rack is in order. Sometimes the damage may be so extensive that repairing it may prove impractical.

The current condition of your damaged rack, its age, and expected remaining lifespan are what you need to consider while making a calculated decision. Another highly influential and decisive factor is the return on your investment. The amount you spend to replace or repair the rack must prove worthwhile in time to come.

Signs Pointing Towards Pallet Rack ReplacementSigns Pointing Towards Pallet Rack Replacement

Investing in pallet racks for sale facilitates optimum warehouse and inventory management. The following signs indicate that replacing your racking system is more feasible than carrying out repairs on it:

Extensive Damage

When the visible damage is extensive, it is not worth risking repairs on your damaged rack. Noticing significantly damaging telltale signs on your pallet rack’s front and rear sections or even across multiple areas necessitates replacing it.

If the damage on your rack is widespread, the repair work involved becomes complex. Sourcing resources to carry out a full-proof restoration exercise itself becomes challenging. In such cases, the evident rack deterioration goes beyond the scope of lasting repair work.

Deflected Beam

Loading racks with weights they are designed to support should not cause their beams to deflect. Despite reducing some or all the load, if the rack’s beam remains deflected, then it is damaged.

This becomes risky for your warehouse employees as they face the danger of the racking system collapsing or heavy inventory falling on them. A replacement of the faulty rack will put all your fears to rest. Replacing the old with a sturdy model ensures the latter successfully supports the weights placed on it.

Pallet Rack Replacement: Weakened Framework

Any rust, flaking paint, or corroded beams gradually weaken the corresponding metal. When the main metal components of your pallet rack become fragile, they fail to provide adequate support.

Even if you do not overload tarnished racking systems, its framework is bound to suffer further wear and tear with time. The only long-term solution is a total replacement to ensure your storage mechanism complies with the industry regulations in place.

Trust the expert advice of experienced material handling professionals who only believe in providing lasting solutions.

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