3 Things You Need to Know About Playing Blackjack

Written By Alla Levin
November 07, 2022
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3 Things You Need to Know About Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is one of, if not the most, widely played card games in the world, up there with poker in terms of popularity. While it’s the simpler out of the two games, it’s also a perfect example of the adage, “easy to learn but difficult to master.”

That’s mainly because, once you spend a little time with the game, you’ll start seeing all of the little details about the game that aren’t obvious at first glance. To help you out, here are 4 key bits of info you’ll need.

Blackjack Is a Perfect Fit for Online PlayBlackjack Is a Perfect Fit for Online Play

One of the best aspects of blackjack when it comes to making it an online game is that, unlike poker, you’re not playing against other players. This makes it super simple to create, as it’s effectively a single-player game.

A quick glance at the library on a bigger site like Paddy Power highlights this perfectly, as there are dozens of blackjack online games from a whole range of developers.

It also means that playing remotely is just as easy and convenient; you can pick up your smartphone anytime and play without needing to wait. 

There Are Many Different Varieties

While the different types of poker usually have significant changes to the rules, the blackjack variants are a lot more subtle. Changes from the base game usually involve changes to the timing of bets or available special moves, such as splitting a hand or surrounding a pointer if there’s a low win chance.

The other difference is often in the types of side bets that are offered or whether side bets are even offered at all. Side bets are extra wagers on your hand that have no impact on the main game and payout under entirely different conditions. A list of common side bets can include wagers on your starting cards equalling exactly 20, for instance.

It’s Simple to Get Startedplaying Blackjack

Despite all of the above, there’s a good reason this list can afford to be only 3 items instead of 7 for our poker tips list. Compared to learning all the possible hands and their rankings, all the betting strategies, and studying probability at a high level, playing blackjack just needs basic maths and memorizing a couple of key points.

If you want to start in blackjack, you’ll need a basic version of the game to play, a beginner’s blackjack guide, and maybe a small table showing you which hands are worth putting larger bets on. For instance, seeing the dealer starting with a card under 6 is an excellent sign to push on, but a dealer having an Ace is a lot riskier because of a potential blackjack

To sum up, blackjack is a great way to introduce yourself to card games in general, and don’t be put off when you see ten different versions available; the basic game is almost always the same, just with a little extra spice!

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