9 Factors That Drive In Business Investors

Written By Alla Levin
December 06, 2022
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9 Factors That Drive In Business Investors

Business investments are essential for growing your startup. Even if you have a great product or business model, it can be brought to its demise for not having enough funding to support the demands. After all, 90% of startups fail in their first year of business. This article will discuss the top 9 tips that motivate capitalists to invest in business technology. 

Show Results

You need money to gain customers, but you also require consumers to get money, which may be a hard cycle to break. It may seem like a catch, but it’s important to attempt to attract users or customers before you contact investors. This is preferable to pursuing funding first and consumers later. Create a strategy to get your first client that doesn’t require significant outside financing.

Your most effective tool during a pitch is the feedback from your users. Have a table with a record of your best clients. For each client, include additional information like quotations from the client. Consider presenting the amount they pay, how long they’ve been clients, and the number of times they’ve updated their subscription or plan.

Why is this such a big deal?a first-time entrepreneur

Obtaining funding on favorable conditions will be considerably more straightforward if you show significant momentum, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur. Investors seek evidence that your concept will succeed.

Influence Them Into Giving You Advice

Instead of cold-calling investors and pleading with them to back your company, think about first seeking their advice. Seek advice from investors you respect. Cold calls or emails requesting investors to consider your firm typically come out as desperate.

You’ll develop a better connection with the investors if you ask for advice from them before asking them to fund your business. It provides investors an opportunity to criticize any possible weaknesses in your company. It also demonstrates your appreciation for their feedback. Asking for honest advice may frequently result in a passionate, committed investor.

Pitch With Return on Investment

Although investors may have faith in your company, their money is essentially a route to an end as they need to recover their investment. Therefore, it’s critical to emphasize how their investment in your company will benefit them directly.

When pitching an angel, venture capitalist, or wealthy family member, it’s critical to demonstrate how you’ll make a profit. Although it may be tempting to concentrate on yourself and your company plan, investors want to know what’s in it for them. 

If they’ve been investing in rental property investment with Tech Vestor, they may better understand the relationship between return on investment and funding. Explicitly stating how and when you will generate a return is the greatest method to stand out and attract attention.

Co-Founders Are Great MotivationCo-Founders Are Great Motivation

You’re throwing them on your team and your product or service when you pitch investors. Angel investors and VCs frequently seek out talented co-founders rather than single entrepreneurs, which is less common.

Don’t work with anyone. Selecting the ideal founding team for your firm is tricky since the incorrect co-founders may ultimately be more damaging to your company than having none at all.

Finding the ideal co-founder, however, may greatly simplify the beginning process, even beyond luring investors. It’s challenging to launch a business by yourself. Having partners provides you with individuals who can be beneficial for your business.

Promise Them Partnership

A financial boost for your company is excellent, but keep an eye out for investors who can give it actual value beyond financial support.

In the long run, you will be better off with an investor who can strengthen your company than one who can only provide capital. This can be done through guidance, contacts in the sector, or an understanding the market.

Inquire about their opinions of your business, accomplishments, and long-term growth objectives. Instead of someone who only intends to invest some funds and leave it at that, it is preferable to discover an active investor. Promise your investors a partnership that offers mutual respect and value. Let them know that you value their input as a partner and want to make it worthwhile. 

Business Investors: Consider Startup AcceleratorsStartup Accelerators

It’s advised to first-time business owners without direct VC contacts to apply to reputed startup accelerators that can help your firm by leveraging their network and reputation.

Joining an accelerator may be quite beneficial for emerging entrepreneurs, providing them with mentorship opportunities and the chance to work out the flaws in their startup strategy. Although it cannot ensure you will receive funding, it helps enhance your startup’s investment appeal.

Although graduating from a prestigious accelerator does not automatically guarantee investment, it can greatly increase your chances of raising a follow-up round at a competitive value.

Business Investors: Follow Through

Once you start looking for startup financing, you’ll certainly have a lot on your plate, but if you promise to follow up with a possible investor, do so. Typically, raising money takes time. Before you truly need the money, contact a possible investor.

Tell investors where you are right now, where you’ll be when the next round of funding closes, and what the additional wealth will allow you to do. Obtain their agreement that the measurements make sense, then strike. Everyone appreciates someone who has a history of keeping their word.

Raise Funds OnlineRaise Funds Online

While interacting in person is crucial, you shouldn’t let your location impede you from attracting investment. You are no longer limited to merely being able to raise money if you are in Silicon Valley, thanks to the prominence of fundraising platforms. You can raise funds if your company has the finest metrics in its sector.

Find capitalists on the network serving your sector by listing your company on one of these websites and emphasizing your best KPIs.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Make certain that your solution answers a need if you want an investor to be interested. Avoid being one of the many startups trying to reinvent the wheel. Any business you are in should start by building something. Make as much money as you can by working hard. Thinking creatively beyond the box can secure you much more significant investments like rental property investment.

Business Investors: The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ve understood what you need to do to motivate technology investors to fund your startup. The first step is to show them the results, which should influence them into giving you advice and investing in your business. If you have co-founders, flaunt them as a business asset rather than an employee.

Show your investors the benefits of coming on board by promising practical return on investment predictions. Moreover, take your business online to secure funds.

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