Get Better At World Of Tanks: 4 Tricks For Winning All Your Battles

Written By Alla Levin
December 14, 2022
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Get Better At World Of Tanks: 4 Tricks For Winning All Your Battles

Worldwide, millions of people enjoy playing World of Tanks. Because of this, the competition is fierce. You will only be able to go past the lower levels of World of Tanks if you dedicate at least an hour a day to playing the game in the beginning and focus on developing your gameplay. Therefore you must master tricks to give you more wins.

Utilize Your Rapid Speed

It may seem obvious always to deploy the most heavily armored tanks, yet doing so reduces their mobility. Lighter tanks can outpace their heavier counterparts since they are slow and ponderous. Knowing this early on is crucial, as your initial vehicles are light tanks that may be easily destroyed if you aren’t attentive.

Fortunately, the speed of light tanks can be used for more than just beating the competition from A to B; also, you can power your light tank with gold, boosting, and more, which makes that weapon lethal in the hands of skilled pilots. Light tanks, in particular, are so swift that they can outrun heavy tanks, whose turrets will be unable to keep up and therefore be rendered useless.

Get The Right AmmoGet Better At World Of Tanks

While the previous advice regarding employing the appropriate ammunition is generally sound, there is one more subtlety to consider when doing so: the sort of tank you are fighting against.

You can choose heavy, medium, and light tanks and tank destroyers in this game. They all contribute uniquely and have different strengths and limitations in every game. Similarly, heavy tanks offer the most protection, whereas light tanks are the fastest and have the weakest armor.

Maintain Your Hitpoints

Each gun counts, so try to remain alive for as long as possible in each game. If your team has more members still around, it may keep fighting for longer and deal more damage to the opposition, regardless of the score. When engaging in a gunfight, it’s best only to take damage if the other player has less than half of their health remaining and you’re confident you can’t be killed by their reload time or poor location.

Be Sure You’re In The Best Spot Before FiringGet Better At World Of Tanks

If you fire at the enemy tanks at an extreme angle, your rounds can backfire off them. In particular, if the angle of impact is less than 70 degrees, your ammunition shots will always bounce off and do little harm.

This disadvantage can be overcome by switching to a different type of ammunition; however, this ammunition has poor penetration and deals only modest damage when it explodes against the hull.

For the most effective shooting, aim straight at the back or sides of the enemy. Don’t ever aim slanted at your attacker because doing so will enhance the likelihood of your bullets glancing back at you.

Use these four excellent strategies to dominate the World of Tanks. You’ll gain access to various vehicles and learn their ins and outs as you put in more time and effort to master the game. But until then, these guidelines will set you up for early success and help you build momentum. All the best.

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