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How to Choose a Moving Company: Questions To Ask

We already have enough to decide what to throw away, what to pack, what to put in the suitcase, disassemble the furniture and think about all the packages that we have to transport from our old home to the new one, as well as having problems with the moving service that we choose.

If you have hired a professional moving service from H2H movers Chicago, you should not worry since they usually have boxes for this item. Their moving professionals will know what to do with each object they will move.

You need everything to go smoothly, something that you will only achieve if you are careful and make sure of a few things before hiring the service. What questions to ask the moving company before hiring it? Next, we will tell you what you should ask the moving service to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here are ten key questions!

10 Questions To Ask If You Are Hiring a Moving Service: What Type Of Vehicle Is It?

First of all, it is essential to know what size the truck or van will have since if you have to carry several heavy pieces of furniture, you will need a vehicle with a generous load capacity. First of all, ask the company what their fleet of cars is, explain to them what objects or furniture you must transport, and ensure there is no problem with it.

What Is The Maximum Weight That Can Be Transported?

Likely, you do not know precisely how much your furniture weighs, but you must notify the number of objects to be transported so that the company knows if it will be necessary to make more than one trip (depending on the type of van or truck they use).

Does The Service Include Uploading The Packages To The New Address?how to choose a moving company

This question seems obvious, but believe us, and it is better to ask it. Not all moving companies offer this service. Some transport your things from one point to another, without taking them down from home or to the new house. Make sure it’s not one of these companies, especially if the price is “too low.”

Will There Be An Extra Charge If There Is No Elevator In The House?

It is a question that you should ask, yes or yes, because if your home does not have an elevator and they have to go up or down the stairs, it is possible that they will apply a surcharge for each floor.

Is There A Possibility Of Including A Packaging Service?

In addition to transporting your furniture and personal belongings from one point to another, most professional companies facilitate the packing, helping you wrap them to prevent them from being damaged during the move.

How to Choose a Moving Company: Do You Disassemble And Assemble Furniture At Home?

There are moving companies that offer the furniture assembly service. They disassemble your furniture (dressers, cabinets, sofas…) in your current home, transport it to the new home, and, there, they assemble it again and place it where you prefer. Now that’s good service!

How Far In Advance Do I Have To Request A Quote?

These companies usually have many reservations, so requesting a prior quote will help you not only to set the date that suits you best but also to specify the price of the service and know in advance what it will cost you.

What Is The Moving Payment System?

This will depend on each company. Some may request the money in advance, and others collect the invoice after transporting your belongings from one home to another. As for whether you must pay in cash or by card, in principle, you can pay the cost of the service as you prefer, although yes, be wary of those companies that do not present you with an invoice and require you to receive the money in cash.

What Happens If A Piece Of Furniture Or Object Breaks?

One of the most common fears of clients who hire this type of service: That a personal object will break. The truth is that these businesses usually have civil liability insurance contracted with an insurer who would cover your damaged things.

The company would be obliged to compensate you for breakages in your objects as long as it is their responsibility. On the other hand, it is better for clients to be in charge of transporting personal documentation, jewelry, or money since insurance would not cover them in case of loss.

How to Choose a Moving Company: How To Protect The Most Fragile Objects?

There are multiple objects, or even living beings such as plants, that must be carefully protected during transport during the move. In principle, if the company offers a packaging service, it will advise you and help you correctly pack this type of item to transport it with protection, choosing the most appropriate type of packaging. Everything will go smoothly, and you can enjoy 100% of your new home!

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