Why Do People Love League of Legends So Much? Know the Reasons

Written By Alla Levin
December 15, 2022
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Why Do People Love League of Legends So Much? Know the Reasons

The gaming forum comes at the top and biggest form of entertainment in the entertainment industry. And League of Legends is one of the most well-known e-sports games. So why do people love playing it so much? They enjoy its competitive nature, smurf lol, and multiplayer mode.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle game based on strategy, teamwork, and competitive play. The number of players for this game has increased quickly in the last few years, creating a large online community with huge or regular tournaments. Some reasons people love this game so much are briefed below.

Easy Gameplay

Due to the LOL game popularity, people assume or think that the game is difficult. This game is much easier to play for most people than other e-sport games, such as DOTA 2. The controls are not complex, and they are simple to understand. AI bot modes and trainer modules help people to learn the game.

You must master a few keys and launch fast attacks at the right time. The game comes with an in-game tutorial that explains all about it. The game has a feature that allows players to battle with same-level players. To improve gameplay must watch other experienced players’ LOL gameplay.

Strategic Gameplay

  • Unlike other games, this game feature strategy among all players, including those who are casuals or high-level professionals.
  • If you play this game with people with more experience than you, the battlefield will be completely changed because they will use their strategic skills to win over others around them.
  • Strategies include testing different characters and learning warding techniques and others.

Competitive Nature

Another reason people love playing this game is its competitive nature, which makes LoL more interesting than any other game. Players can always check how they perform against others and how much they have to improve their skills before becoming a pro-gamer.


League of Legends, unlike other games focused on micro-transactions or purchased items, is free to play. Free-to-play is one of many reasons or most obvious reasons to play LOL games. Characters and other items are easier to buy using in-game coins. It’s easy getting a smurf in LOL game.

Final Words

If you are a true game lover looking for the best online competitive game, then LOL game is for you. New ways to play it will keep your interest in it. This game is also best for making a career in the gaming industry.

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