How Can a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney Help You?

Written By Alla Levin
December 16, 2022

How Can a Timeshare Cancellation Attorney Help You?

Are you currently in a timeshare contract and are looking to get out of it? Or maybe you have an outstanding timeshare mortgage and need to settle debts you owe to the company. To do so, you should consider hiring the services of the best timeshare attorney.

Hiring an experienced attorney is vital because timeshare contracts’ legal issues are complex and challenging to understand. However, it would be best if you refrained from hiring a general counsel because they would be unfamiliar with the timeshare agreements and the various laws surrounding them.

Some people prefer working with timeshare companies, but that is not a good option because they have a cancellation fee and often fail to deliver the desired results. An excellent way to find a good lawyer is through a timeshare consulting firm that has the best timeshare attorneys and can help you exit a contract.

Here are some things you should know regarding this topic.

Reasons to Contact a Timeshare Property Cancellation Attorney

When you have a timeshare property, like a vacation club, that you no longer need or want, it may be time to immediately contact a lawyer specializing in timeshare property cancellation. Here are some reasons to do so.

Selling the Property But Not Getting Enough MoneyTimeshare Cancellation Attorney

If you are a timeshare property owner, you know that your property’s resale value could be much higher. This is because there is no market for these properties, and many people cannot afford to buy them.

The maintenance fees also add up quickly, causing many people to default on their payments and get stuck with a timeshare they can’t sell. The good news is that some lawyers specialize in helping owners sell them and cancel their contracts.

These lawyers have experience working with clients who feel stuck having invested money in something they don’t want anymore – or worse yet, feel like they want to get rid of it at any cost!

Tired of Paying the Maintenance Fees Every Month

You might have bought a timeshare property thinking it would be an investment, but now that you own it, you wish to exit the deal immediately because of the maintenance fees.

The problem is that there is little chance of selling it outright, and the only way to exit without paying any fee is by canceling your ownership rights and becoming a non-member owner (NMO).

However, if your interest is solely in canceling your membership without having to pay anything (and avoiding any penalties), finding a lawyer specializing in cancellations and releases should help speed up this process for you.

How Can an Attorney Help You?

Timeshare properties are difficult to exit, but it is possible to do so when you have a cancellation attorney. Your attorney will review your original contract to ensure you know what you are getting into and can afford the payments.

Your lawyer will ensure that the timeshare’s owner correctly explained to you the details regarding the property and that all information given was complete and accurate.

The attorney will also ensure they have reviewed any promotional materials or advertisements regarding this purchase and any warranty information provided by the seller or third-party companies involved in marketing/selling this particular property.

The lawyer should also check any additional documents related to your sale: deed records, tax records, building plans/blueprints, occupancy permits, or licenses issued by local government agencies (e.g., fire department).

If you are tired of paying fees or want to sell your timeshare property but are worried about not receiving enough money, finding the best timeshare attorney can help you cancel it. They have years of experience with this type of legal work and will be able to provide the best service possible for you.

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