Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Abu Dhabi

Written By Alla Levin
December 16, 2022

Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is more than just the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is among the most exciting places to explore, enthralling residents and tourists alike with its breathtaking beauty and countless attractions. Several things make this city special, ensuring it ranks as one of the top destinations in the region.

For example, did you know that you could find the world’s best Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi? As incredible as it sounds, it is true that the city is home to delectable cuisines worldwide, enabling the locals to taste something different every time they dine out.

The ensuing points elaborate on this fascinating fact and provide several other exciting ones that travel enthusiasts and new Abu Dhabi residents will love to know about.

It is the capital of the Abu Dhabi Emirate

The beautiful city is the capital of the UAE and the emirate of Abu Dhabi, one of the largest ones in the region with a population of 1.5 million people. This is more than half of its total emirate population, proving the city’s unbelievable popularity.

While nomadic tribes first inhabited it, Abu Dhabi has grown into an important commercial and tourist hub for the country. It is home to several historical sites like Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Fort Qasr Al Hosn that showcase multiple aspects of Emirati culture.

A Japanese architect designed itThings You Might Not Know About Abu Dhabi

The architect Katsuhiko Takahashi worked with inputs from Sheikh Zayed, the then president, to create the magical cityscape that takes your breath away the moment you step into the city.

Everything from the parks, bridges, canals, and stunning infrastructure was designed to make life easy and enjoyable for the city residents. Abu Dhabi was meant to house around forty thousand people in the 1960s, but it is now home to more than twice that number.

It was famous for its pearl trade once

Although Abu Dhabi is renowned for its oil trade now, it was once incredibly famous for its pearl trade. Divers would plunge deep into the Persian Gulf to find pearls, but the industry came to a standstill in the mid-1930s due to a shortage and the rise of synthesized ones.

Today, the emirate accounts for approximately two-thirds of the total UAE economy, valued at around $400 billion.

Abu Dhabi has fantastic Italian pizza restaurantsThings You Might Not Know About Abu Dhabi

You can explore the best Italian restaurant in Abu Dhabi and gorge on classic and authentic Italian dishes. The local establishments have maintained their authenticity, using traditional Italian pizza-making techniques to whip out delicious food to satisfy residents with different tastes. For instance, they serve up Neapolitan pizza that will take you to Italy, alongside other classic pizzas like Margherita.

Famous eateries have over twenty years of industry experience in the city, earning several accolades and awards from reputable sources. Local pizza restaurants make their dishes with fresh ingredients and follow top-notch safety and hygiene standards, ensuring residents have a fabulous time trying new dishes.

It has incredible architecture

One look at the thirty-five-story Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, and you will know the city has some of the most spectacular and mind-blowing architecture in the world. Other famous breathtaking buildings include Aldar Headquarters, Etihad Towers, Emirates Hotel, and the Louvre.

The city is designed for functionality and beauty, so you will find that the buildings are both very functional and also look fantastic. Invariably, exploring this city of living here is undoubtedly among the best decisions one can ever make.

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