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Mediterranean Sea Vacation: Sailing Holiday Destination

Year after year, month after month, day after day, you work so hard to makes ends meet and accomplish all of your goals. So when it’s time for your yearly holiday time, you want to make it a vacation worth the wait! Don’t just settle for any holiday; hit the open ocean, and set sail on a trip of a lifetime.

Sailing holidays are not only great for learning new skills, but you can also see a wide variety of countries as well! You can immerse yourself in Spanish cuisine and culture, then make your way to Greece a few days later. You can start the morning in Croatia, then sail all the way over to Portugal!

Finding the perfect destination for your yearly family holiday or friends vacation doesn’t have to be stressful.

Several factors need to be considered before you board your chartered yacht, and we’ve put together a few tips on what to look for when finding the perfect sailing holiday destination for you! Take the stress out of your planning for the best vacation. Let’s jump into finding the right holiday locals!

One, Two, Three, or More! planning for the best vacation

When it comes to traveling the world, sometimes the best locations are actually access points to OTHER locations. For instance, if you’re traveling to Turkey initially, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to STAY in Turkey! There are lots of sailing destinations that can include more than one country.

Sailing the Mediterranean is an excellent example of visiting several countries and cultures and weaving together one spectacular holiday. Traveling through the Mediterranean, you’ll definitely want to schedule your holiday through April and October. The summer months will not only bring with it near-perfect weather conditions but absolutely breathtaking views!

Planning your vacation around the many ports and rich cultural experiences that can be found on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea will need some foresight.

Sea requires thoughtful preparation. For example, sailing around Croatia, with its myriad islands and breathtaking coastal landscapes, demands a careful selection of the ideal vessel to enhance your experience. Before choosing a boat, it’s important to consider various factors such as size, amenities, and the type of sailing experience you’re seeking.

A larger boat might be more suitable for big groups of friends or family, ensuring everyone has ample space for comfort and leisure. On the other hand, those yearning for a more intimate voyage might find yachts such as the Hanse 548 charter an interesting option. Overall, whether you’re navigating through quiet coves or docking in vibrant ports, your choice of boat will be as integral to your vacation as the destinations you explore.

Book your vacation with a company that has a great reputation, provides great sailing offers and can help you out with all of the little details. Hop from one country to the next and have all of your accommodations and travel plans established for you!

Here are just some of the countries and locations you can sail to if you choose a sailing holiday destination, like the Mediterranean Sea, where it’s actually MULTIPLE destinations.

  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Turkey
  • Slovenia
  • Malta
  • Montenegro
  • And a few more!

Don’t limit your special holiday to one-stop! By looking into a sailing holiday that allows you to visit as many places as possible, you’ll be able to put as many stamps in your passport as you’d like! All why enjoying the relaxing rock of the sea on your private yacht rental!

All About Timing on Your Mediterranean Sea Vacationsailing holidays offers

An absolutely crucial part of figuring out a perfect sailing destination is to take into account the timing. Consider what time of year you’ll be keen on traveling, as well as how long you’ll be able to set sail. Once you’re aware of your time constraints, you can start to narrow down your ideal location easily.

Let’s say you live in Canada, and you’re looking to get away during the brutally cold winter months. Then you’ll definitely want to look for a sailing location where it will be a lot warmer than your part of the world!

You can research more exotic destinations like Thailand, Seychelles, and Tahiti, and French Polynesia. Make sure to learn to avoid putting on those few extra pounds on vacation while eating the delicious, exotic cuisines!

Perhaps you’re looking to get away at any point within the year, but you have a limited time period. You have two weeks, but you can’t get across the globe, and you want to go sailing from island to island.

That narrows down your choice of locations to places like the Caribbean! Warm practically all year round, with awe-inspiring beaches, beautiful people, and an amazing culture.

Breaking down your timing needs isn’t your biggest obstacle for planning your ideal sailing destination. Get to know your time restraints for the following:

  • The time of year you’ll be traveling is important for factoring costs, as well as location.
  • Knowing what the time of year is AT YOUR DESTINATION is also important, so you know what to pack that will be weather appropriate.
  • How long you’ll be on vacation will determine how long you can stay onboard your yacht versus how long you’ll stay at each stop.
  • Consider a location where you can travel to no matter what time of year or how long you can stay, like the Caribbean.

Once you’re able to nail down these time restraints, you’re ready to hammer through to picking out the perfect destination!

New Experiencessailing holidays special offers

One of the most important factors for selecting a vacation destination is what you’ll be doing once you get there! Sailing from port to port may be a monumental part of the journey, but experiencing the world’s diverse cultures is also a major factor for your location selection. Once you know the type of experiences you’ll want to have for the little time you’ll spend on land, choosing a destination will be a piece of cake!

If sailing is the new adventure you’d like to take yourself on, then find a company that not only books charters but sells sailing lessons as well! That way, you can not only leave your holiday with amazing pictures of the ocean and coastlines but with knowledge of a new skill!

Perhaps you’re more into learning how to glide in an authentic Flamenco dress while learning all the right dance moves. But not just anywhere, while actually in Spain!

Have you ever wanted to eat real Neapolitan Pizza while you watch the sunset with friends in Naples? Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit the famous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul!

Ask yourself what exactly you want to do while you’re on your holiday, be it becoming a keen sailor, enjoying a specific dish, or finding truly unique experiences! Figure out the new and exciting adventures you’d like to enjoy, and a sailing destination will become as clear as the water you’ll be sailing on!

A Mediterranean Sea Vacation Sailing Destination that is Perfect for You!sailing holidays special offers_2

The perfect holiday can hinge on a few specific requirements. From the perfectly planned yachting trip in Thailand to the haphazard, last-minute sailing trip in Croatia, it can all boil down to finding the right destination!

Looking for the right sailing destination for you and your loved ones doesn’t have to be a Herculean task!

Your holiday destination choice will be a culmination of a lot of factors. Consider the time of year you’ll be taking your vacation. That way, you can plan to complete another side of the world to get away from the winter cold or the fierce spring rains.

Think about whether you’ll want one, a specific destination, or several destinations in one holiday! Then finally, consider how you’ll want to spend your time once you’ve arrived!

The perfect sailing destination for you is out there. Once you’ve been able to check off all of the criteria on your list, you’ll be on your way to a once in a lifetime vacation. Set sail for the holiday of your dreams!

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