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Proven Ways to Create The Perfect Assessment Writing Sample

All jobs require some form of written communication at some point; hence it is essential to show that you can communicate clearly and effectively. An employer can ask you for a writing sample to learn what your voice sounds like or how creative you can be. It assures them that the person they are hiring is knowledgeable in their respective field.

What is an assessment writing sample?

A writing sample shows your writing skills, writing style, and expertise on a topic. It is a supplement document demonstrating your competence and can come in many forms like blog posts, brochures, magazine articles, emails, books, ad copy, etc. It is often given higher importance if you apply for writing-intensive jobs as it can weed out unqualified candidates. As an assessment writer, having a blog post can be one of the best ways to show your writing sample.

Importance of writing sample for a job

A writing sample helps you show the skills you outlined in your cover letter. It assists an employer in understanding that you are a legit writer and not just a hobby blogger. It portrays professionalism and strengthens your application. It also helps to show which candidates can match the company’s brand voice and have an understanding of the industry.

Proven ways to create the perfect assessment writing sampleProven ways to create the perfect assessment writing sample

Scroll down to learn how you can create a great writing sample that will increase your chances of getting hired.

Research the company

It is important to research the company you are applying to, even if you have known them for years or have just heard about them for the first time. It is a good idea to visit their website and social media pages to take notes which will help you write your sample. Pay attention to their brand, what goals they are trying to achieve, their target audience, how they speak to their audience, and what type of content they share.

Understand the industry and audience

You should be clear on the topic and the industry you are writing for. Your content should have the latest industry stats, be engaging with bullet lists and images, and have keywords to help it rank.

Brainstorm ideas

After understanding the company, get creative and brainstorm ideas. Think about how you can add value to the company and where the company is lacking. Go through their website and align your voice and tone with theirs.

Create an outline of the idea

Choose the best idea after considering various questions like how your skills can be highlighted, which idea best suits the company’s target audience, which idea best fits the criteria in the job posting, and which you think the employer will find most valuable.

Add valid assessment itemsProven ways to create the perfect assessment writing sample

You should ensure that your content covers what it is supposed to cover and that the goals and objectives are clearly defined. To make the content valid, it should be reliable, fair, and engaging.

Keep it concise

Concise writing helps to hold a reader’s attention. Unnecessary details make the content boring and irrelevant. Focus on the quality rather than the number of pages. Choose your words precisely and construct your sentences to get you straight to the point.

Enhance the sample to make it perfect

This is an essential step in the process. Correct the typos, reconstruct sentences that don’t make sense, improve the choice of words, and ensure there are no grammatical errors. You can edit your piece and come back to it after a few hours with a fresh mind to enhance it further and create a perfect sample.

A writing sample represents professional development in writing and is not a research or academic paper you see in a graduate program. Therefore, getting your writing sample right is important because if it comes down to selecting you or another candidate with similar qualifications, your writing sample will set you apart.

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