Everything You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law and Lawyers

Written By Alla Levin
January 11, 2023


  • Personal injury law, also known as tort law, covers not only physical harm but also emotional and mental injuries.
  • Personal injury lawyers specialize in securing compensation for various damages, including medical bills and emotional distress.
  • Common personal injury claims include accidents, defective products, intentional acts, and defamation of character, each requiring expert legal guidance.

Everything You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law and Lawyers

Lawyers can practice and specialize in dozens of kinds of law. There’s family law, corporate law, personal injury law, and much more. When people hear the term personal injury law, they don’t always know what this type of law encompasses. 

As a prominent personal injury law firm, LMDLawFirm.com prides itself on not only serving those injured in various accidents but also educating people on what personal injury is and what these types of lawyers do. So, here’s everything you need to know about personal injury law and lawyers. 

What is Personal Injury Law?

You’ll sometimes hear lawyers and others refer to personal injury law as tort law. While you can use these terms interchangeably, it’s much more common to refer to this type of law as personal injury. Personal injury law is more than just physical injuries to someone’s body. 

Besides physical harm, personal injury law also encompasses any damage to the mind and emotions. Personal injury is often not just physical or emotional but a combination of both injuries stemming from one instance.

For those affected by personal injuries and seeking expert legal guidance, lawyers like those at The Law Offices of Chip Forstall offer comprehensive support and advocacy to navigate the complexities of personal injury claims.

What Are Personal Injury Lawyers?

Personal injury lawyers are attorneys who handle all types of personal injury claims. These attorneys will be knowledgeable about different types of personal injury claims, how to approach getting you the settlement you deserve based on the injury, and provide guidance for you throughout the process. 

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Since personal injury lawyers focus on any personal injury claim, they can help you get the settlement or solution to the claim you want. When you’re filing a personal injury claim, a qualified personal injury attorney will be able to: 

  • Gather all evidence that supports your personal injury claim, including statements from witnesses, medical records, etc. 
  • Provide you with guidance on benefits that can help you through your time healing from the injury
  • Get you the compensation you deserve based on the evidence presented

The different types of compensation that your personal injury attorney can seek for you include financial compensation to cover medical bills, loss of wages, and more. They can even help you with emotional damages that have contributed to a lesser quality of life, loss of companionship, etc.

What Types of Injuries Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You With?

What can sometimes get confusing is what types of injuries personal injury attorneys can help you fight or get compensation for. When it comes to personal injury, there are a lot of situations that could warrant hiring reputable personal injury attorneys in Minneapolis (or in your local area).

However, the right attorney will talk you through all you need to know and provide clarity on the circumstances.

AccidentsWhat Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

The most common situation that personal injury lawyers deal with is accidents. Accidents can be any situation where someone was negligent and causes harm to someone else. Some examples of accidents that warrant a personal injury attorney include: 

  • Car accidents;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Slip and fall accidents;

Defective Products

Nothing in our world is perfect, and while we generally trust our cars, medical devices, etc., there are situations where the product is defective. When products are unreasonably dangerous and cause harm due to defective parts, you can file a personal injury claim for any physical and emotional damages. 

Intentional Acts

Some situations, such as battery, assault, and other intentional acts that can cause harm to someone, qualify for a personal injury claim. Seemingly harmless things, such as a prank that causes injury to someone or something much more severe, can cause a personal injury attorney to get involved.

Defamation of Character

Many people know that words can hurt, but when the words defame someone’s character and cause harm, the person being wronged can file a personal injury claim. These are defamation cases, and while they are a little more challenging to prove if there’s no written proof, a qualified attorney can help you with your case.


Personal injury law covers everything from car accidents to slip and fall accidents, defamation of character, and physical harm. If you’ve been injured in some way, seeking the assistance of a personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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