Six Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dump Trailer

Written By Alla Levin
January 11, 2023

Six Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dump Trailer

Dump trailers can haul a wide range of materials, including waste removal and transportation of heavy cargo from one region to another. These trucks come in several sizes, each designed and engineered to perform specific tasks. This is why it’s crucial to fully understand what you’ll be using the trailer for before shelling out your hard-earned money on one.

In other words, you should consider several vital factors before purchasing a dump trailer. However, before highlighting these factors, let’s clarify what dump trailers are.

What’s a Dump Trailer?

A dump trailer/truck combines a mechanical tractor-trailer with an in-built hydraulic hoist. They may feature slide-in ramps, one of the most common features, making it pretty easy to load small or medium-sized goods onto them.

You will find gooseneck trailers for sale Big Spring texas, and other brands of trailer, in various lengths, hydraulic modifications, axles, and capacities. Anyone can easily customize these trucks to meet their specific needs or demands.

For instance, an open-bed dump trailer is typically 8–30 feet lengthwise. However, an open-bed trailer’s typical size is not more than 14 feet making it easier to maneuver, especially in tight corners. Nevertheless, you can always go for a dump trailer with a higher towing capacity if your project requires a much larger option.

Some users choose dump trucks over other options due to their wide beds. Moreover, they’re usually positioned on wheels instead of between them. In addition, fenders interrupt the loading of pallets onto a dump truck that features side gates, translating into seamless everyday use for the operator.

Six Factors to Look Into Before You Buy a Dump Trailerbefore purchasing a dump trailer

Many first-time buyers of a wheeled, heavy-duty transport conveyance, known as a dump trailer, are usually unsure about the options that would meet their requirements. This is why it’s crucial to consider several factors before paying for a dump trailer.

The #1 factor that should be at your mind when shopping for a dump trailer is its intended use. However, there are other things you should consider when shopping around for this large transport conveyance, as we’ll examine below:

Weight and size capacity

What’s the largest load you want to transport or haul? As a rule of thumb, the size of the dump trailer you buy should match its weight capacity. For instance, the average load a dump truck that’s not more than 14 feet can handle is slightly below 12,000 lbs. Remember that you’ll require a tough enough vehicle to tow the dump trailer and load. This towing vehicle should also have the ability to manage the attached load irrespective of the distance you intend to cover.


Excellent or long-lasting dump trailers are constructed of aluminum, steel, or galvanized steel. A dump trailer made of aluminum is often preferred and the best option since it’s lightweight, resistant to corrosion and rust, and requires little maintenance. However, it can be costly.

Therefore, if you’re on a budget, consider going for a dump trailer constructed with galvanized steel or steel since they’re a tad less expensive than their aluminum counterpart.

Design options

You should consider the useful features you want your dump trailer to sport. Some dump trailers have features that require you to spend hours learning their method of use alone. However, if these features make handling your project, by all means, you should go for them. What’s the number of axles you want your dump trailer to have?

Would you want to add ramps to the dump trailer?

The type of cargo you want to haul should determine the number of axles your chosen dump trailer comes with. For instance, while single axles are perfect for small-sized trailers, multiple axles are necessary for hauling heavier weights.

It would be best if you also considered the height of a dump trailer’s sidewalls. You’ll require a dump trailer with high sidewalls if you’re hauling stuff like gravel. Lower walls may be more flexible, but they usually can’t hold large quantities of loose materials.


The condition of the dump trailer you want to purchase is highly crucial. A dump trailer may appear well-built and sturdy enough to handle whatever task is thrown at it. But take a close examination of the specs, and you may be shocked at the several traits that differentiate one dump trailer from another.

Lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanisms are standard features that come with many dump trailers. But what’s the exact lifting mechanism suitable for your needs? First, you should find out how much weight the lifting mechanism can handle easily without buckling or becoming defective.

Look for a dump trailer with premium hydraulic cylinders that provide excellent load capacity, are strong, and are incredibly easy to maintain.

PriceSix Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dump Trailer

A dump trailer can cost a lot of money; if you want a custom option, you should be ready to shell out even a lot more cash. Hence, critically consider the factors discussed above, as they may influence the overall cost of a dump trailer.

It won’t be in your favor to drive off a dealer’s lot with a dump trailer far below your expectations despite paying a lot of money for it. Similarly, purchasing a dump trailer with features you’ll never use when carrying out your daily operations isn’t in your best interest.

Therefore, spend time reviewing the different types of dump trailers and what they can and can’t do before settling on the one that meets your specific requirements. Ultimately, a dump trailer is a huge purchase, and you should get the most out of your investment, so don’t skimp on research.


Various factors influence your choice when shopping for a dump trailer, such as the material, design options, price, etc. Still, your primary goal should be to select a dump trailer that meets your hauling requirements or needs. You should also read up on user reviews of different dump trailers before settling for one.

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