Elden Ring First DLC
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Elden Ring First DLC: What to Expect?

Suppose you have ever experienced moments when you wanted to escape somewhere far away from daily chores, routines, and problems. In that case, you might have considered watching a new movie or documentary, traveling to a new place, or playing a video game. What makes us long for new emotions and impressions? The answer is within the question.

We strive for changes and discoveries and to open doors to newly created worlds. In this article, we want to share the story of one of these worlds, Elden Ring, which attracts not only with its complexity and mysterious dark beauty but also with discovering opportunities it provides the players. lasatlantis.com is another place willing to give you merely the same range of emotions, the chance to open new doors, and to start an exciting journey. 

Elden Ring is an open-world action/RPG video game developed by the Japanese company FromSoftware. It was developed by the creators of Dark Souls (one of the previous games of the studio) with the participation of the author of Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin. Although the game has no direct connection to Dark Souls, it is heavily based on it in terms of gameplay itself. Like Souls, Elden Ring’s setting is a Western-style fantasy.

The game focuses on a dying world, where only warriors who have lost their blessing try to bring it back to life. Players have a wide selection of weapons, magic, and an improved combat system. In addition, they are given more control over the character and new role-playing elements compared to previous FromSoftware games.  

Elden Ring is called one of the studio’s greatest projects in terms of the freedom to explore the gaming world it gives to players. One of the main themes of the world and plot of the game is not only its “darkness” but also “the will of mankind and its ambitions.” The decision to move from the limited size levels, as in previous FromSoftware games, to a more massive open world was made for several reasons:  

  • to show the game world and its background on a larger scale than before;
  • to make exploration of the world freer and deep; 
  • to make battles with enemies more diverse;

It’s important to mention the role of one of the most famous authors George R. R. Martin, in creating this game. He compiled a mythology of the future world with many interesting characters, dramatic moments, secrets, and riddles. George Martin wasn’t describing the actual events of Elden Ring, but rather the history of the world and the events that happened before the game started. The gaming plot is rather complex, but this complexity makes the game magnificent. 

Elden Ring First DLC: The History of the Game World

The events of Elden Ring take place in the Lands Between (the name, by the way, was invented by the author of A Song of Ice and Fire himself, George Martin) – on a mysterious continent, which is cut off from the whole world. The immortal Queen Marika once ruled them. A war of Shattering broke out between her demigod children, in which the eldest son, Godwyn, the Golden, was killed. The Elden Ring he owned was split, and the world order was disrupted.

The Ring was initially sent to earth by the Great Will – one of the cosmic Outer Gods that exist somewhere outside the Lands Between. The Great Will is a powerful but invisible force, which in the game cannot be faced directly face to face. Instead, it influences the world from the outside and does not even have a physical shell.  

After the Ring was fragmented, its parts, called Great Runes, were captured by the demigods, taking all magical power away from them. However, Marika’s children needed more power to gain a decisive victory. As a result, the Lands Between fell into decline and were split into separate kingdoms. 

There are some other additional entities (Gods) included in the game, and each of them plays an inevitable role in creating the game atmosphere: 

  • Frenzied Flame; 
  • The Formless Mother: 
  • The Sealed God of Scarlet Rot; 
  • The Dark Moon; 
  • The Unnamed God of the Deathbirds; 
  • The one-eyed God of Fire; 
  • The Gloam-eyed Queen; 
  • The Greater Will; 

At the same time, it is essential to understand that this is not a pantheon of gods in the classical sense, leading the ignorant lambs on the true path. Instead, these are mysterious cosmic forces, the power of which turned out to be so great that the Lands Between obeyed their will.   

All Gods have goals and ideas about arranging the Lands Between. Most importantly, they are all powerful enough to change the foundations of this universe itself: to turn time back, make some people mortal, and give others eternal life, or burn everything to the ground for the glory of something.

However, for a whole epoch, the ball has been ruled by the Great Will, which has established its own rules in the world – the Golden Order. Elden Ring does not explain what it is but suggests that such a religion is based on the worship of the golden Erdtree, around which the kingdom’s capital was built.  

In the original system, when people were dying, they had to be taken to the roots of the Erdtree, and they had to feed it in this way. The Tree itself, in exchange, provided people with its grace. It was instructing humans and giving them strength.  

The Ring of Elden ensures the safety and operation of this set of rules. But, as the hero soon discovers, the Ring has nothing to do with jewelry. Instead, this is a set of runes fastened together; each describes and brings to life certain laws of the universe.  

The Role of the Main Hero in Elden Ring 

The player in Elden Ring takes control of one of the Tarnished, people deprived of the grace of the Erdtree and expelled from the Lands Between in the past. The first Tarnished was King Godfrey, husband of Queen Marika and the leader of her army. With his wife, he once defeated the giants that shared those lands with people, but having defeated their leader, whom he saw as the only worthy opponent, Godfrey lost the meaning of life and the grace of Erdtree.

A pitiful shadow of his past self, he was no longer a decent partner for the immortal goddess and was subsequently banished. Soon Marika will choose another partner, the demigod Radagon. 

Over time, many other heroes and ordinary people became the Tarnished as well, as, in the Lands Between, they were despised and tried to be banished. Finally, however, when the Ring of Elden was broken, and all the demigods disappeared after a devastating fratricidal war, the Tarnished became the last hope of the Great Will. The Outer God called out to them, bringing many of them back to life, and allowed them to return to the Lands Between so they could recollect the runes of the Elden Ring and restore world order. 

The main character also has a choice. Elden Ring has about six endings, leading to different consequences for the world. However, the path begins for the Tarnished Hero in the same way, regardless of his views: he rises from the grave and discovers the maid who was supposed to guide him on the path.

Soon, the mysterious spectral girl Melina, also known as the Kindling Maiden, will take her place, and there is still active debate about her role in the game. The girl’s remarks hint that she is another daughter of Marika. However, this may not be the character’s only secret. Her primary role is to offer help to the Tarnished ones. 

Whoever Melina is, in the end, she becomes the mentor of your Tarnished hero. The player will fulfill her will most of the time. At the beginning of the journey, the girl does not remember her destiny; therefore, she only dreams of getting to the place of her birth – the Erdtree.

However, during the journey, Melina will find out with you how things are in this world, and as a result, she decides to devote her life to restoring balance. Together with her, you choose to commit a mortal sin. You burn the Erdtree to be able to get inside. The player can decide what the consequences of this act will be. 

What to Expect From the DLC Expansion Pack? The inexhaustible power

Elden Ring received its first PvP-focused expansion on December 7th, 2022, called “the Free Colosseum Update.”  The DLC expansion pack will introduce the ability to fight with other users in the arenas of three coliseums, Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell. Gamers can participate in one-on-one duels, team fights, and mass battles.  

This expansion appeared as a free update, so anyone who owns the basic version of the game can download it without paying extra money. Moreover, it has a lot of surprises for its fans. For example, in the official description of the game, we read: “Begin your journey, warriors, and immerse yourself in the glory of the Colosseum. Prove your worth in various duels and battles, together with your friends or alone in the free Colosseum update”. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the first DLC has prepared for us: 

  •  A hidden area in the center of the map appears. We slowly discover the world map in Elden Ring, finding maps of individual regions. However, when we look at all its magnificence, we can now see an area in the very center of it. What’s more, this place is the central point if we connect the location of the six divine towers with lines. 
  • Ocean exploration. On the Elden Ring map, many small icons represent shipwrecks. Moreover, most of the water-covered areas are hidden under clouds. We expect that in the DLC, we will get the opportunity to explore these areas, e.g., by moving to ships or small islands scattered around.  
  • Lots of new bosses appear. There is also information about 16 new NPCs and a new map called “legacy dungeons.” We can also count on new character customization options, weapon categories, and AI objectives. 

 Your journey begins in the great lowlands: mythical creatures roam the steppes, unspeakable horrors lurk in the swamps and marshes, and the roads are guarded by soldiers and warriors waiting for travelers. The timid creatures pinch the juicy grass in the meadows and quickly hide in the nearest groves, first second, they see a human.  

Those few inhabitants of the Lands Between who have managed to retain their honor and reason live near the ruins of the cities destroyed during the Shattering events. Help them out, and get your questions answered! In castles and fortresses with traps, secrets, and guards sit demigods – mutilated lords, surviving members of the great royal family. The inexhaustible power of the Elden Ring’s shards helps them hold control over their possessions. 

Visions of grace—if you find them, of course—will show you the way. You can follow them, fight the demigods with sword or magic and reclaim these lands. Or choose another path. 

What does your soul long for: power or understanding? Make your every wish come true. Elden Ring First DLC?

Experiment with skills and choose your style. Practice stealth to avoid danger or catch your enemy off guard. Master combat techniques and anticipate the opponent’s actions: parrying and rolling will save your life more than once. Point your weapon straight at the enemy and knock them out of the saddle. Seek out wizards living among the ruins and learn secret spells.

Summon the aid of familiar spirits or summon other Dead Ones to fight by your side as you explore this dying world. Learn the tangled, bloody history of the Tarnished and uncover the dark secrets of the demigod race. Everyone will find something to do in the Lands Between. The complexity only depends on your requirements. The bolder your goals, the harder they will be. Do you want to claim your rights to the throne? Then go ahead and fight! 

And remember, death is by no means the end. You will resurrect and continue the battle. Because how else can a hero arise? Or the king? 

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