5 Reasons Why Social Slots are Taking Over the Web

Written By Alla Levin
May 22, 2018

Why Social Slots are Taking Over the Web

Each day social slots are becoming closer to video slots. We’re not just talking about the number of players but profits as well, and many people find this strange as social slots can always be played for free while video slots are mostly played with money.

Still, these are the facts, and there are many important reasons which are affecting the growth of social slots.

Social slot companies have recognized certain elements that help them attract players, and they have a different view on things than video slot companies. Even though you can play free slot machines at Slotomania.com, a lot of players like betting when playing video slots. But social slots were able to make players play for free and make money at the same time.

Their priority is fun

Social slots are designed to provide an amazing gaming experience. When players bet money, they don’t think that they are having fun anymore and they start taking the whole thing seriously, like a business. After all, it’s their money on the line, and they focus on keeping it and increasing it.

This is something that doesn’t exist in social slots, as they have developed an image and gameplay where players join to enjoy the games and play them purely for their entertainment value. The whole experience of the game is what wins players over, and they don’t have to bet and try to win money to get the satisfaction they need.

They have a more flexible RTP

Playing free slot machines on the Prime Slots platform you get games with better RTPs compared to social slot games, so where is the hook? It’s not about the level of RTP but the fact that social slot games offer multiple slots to players.

There are many options within one game, as players receive gifts, perks, hourly bonuses, daily bonuses, and even weekly bonuses.

These games allow players to choose the RTP, but at the same time, the games earn money. The reason for this is that most players try to lower the RTP by increasing bets and reducing the worth of the free money that they get.

All of them want to get to a new level or next slot, and this is done by spending more and more with each new spin.

They test a lot of things to improve player experiencePrime Slots platform

Video slots have taken slot games to a whole other level compared to traditional casinos. Social slots have seen what they did, copied their approach and perfected it. Similarly to video games, the social slots industry has learned that it is all about the players.

This is why they tested so many approaches to creating their games and what kind of experience they are giving to a common player. This is how they came up with the winning formula that attracts so many players today.

These games have gone so far that we even have skill-based slots today.

They are quick to adapt and improve

As we mentioned earlier, social slot game providers research what their players receive through their games.

They also change things very quickly and are constantly looking for new elements, visuals, functionalities, perks, and features to add to their games so those modern players will find them appealing.

This industry realizes how important it is to adjust and adapt to this new consumer’s age and they are constantly offering new games and updates to keep things fresh for their players.

You don’t always use real moneySlotomania.com

Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to use real money to play social slots, as most games have fake money with which you gamble.

Furthermore, the games themselves are exciting and designed so well that a lot of people don’t feel the need to play online slot machines for real money to get the excitement they need.

Another important thing about fake money is that people feel free to share their success, boast about their games, and spread the word about the games they play on social media. This is because there is no real money involved and this is how more people learn about games through existing players.

The way things currently are, it seems that video slots are realizing where the social slots are beating them and are looking to approach their games and players in a different way. All of the remnants of the traditional casino environment need to be taken out before online slots can progress and be ready for future players.

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