Medicines for Bronchial Asthma

Written By Alla Levin
January 27, 2023

Attacks in people suffering from asthma can happen every hour, every day, or every week – it all depends on the complexity of the disease. Therefore, patients with this diagnosis should always have asthma medications and know the Avodart 0.5 mg price.

Drugs for treating bronchial asthma work instead to ease the course of the disease and control the degree of complexity because asthma cannot be eliminated forever. People with regular attacks should use an inhaler daily to make breathing easier and prevent the serious consequences of lack of oxygen.

Depending on the action to be performed by the drug, the following are distinguished:

  • bronchodilators – drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma that relax the muscles of the respiratory organs and reduce the release of histamine;
  • corticosteroids – suppress cough and inflammation of the respiratory tract; these asthma medications are taken orally or by injection;
  • methylxanthines are an effective remedy for allergic reactions and others.

What Inhaler to Buy for Asthma?

An inhaler is one of the primary means of combating attacks in patients with asthma. Their advantage is that thanks to the special structure, the device delivers the medicine to the area of direct action as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, the attack quickly passes.

There are several types of inhalers:There are several types of inhalers

  • Nebulizer. A rather bulky device, however, delivers asthma medicine to the respiratory tract in a microscopic form in a fraction of a second. Due to this, the tool works quickly. There are compressors, ultrasonic, and mesh nebulizers. The choice of one of the options depends on the complexity of the course of the disease and the drug to be used. After all, for example, ultrasound destroys compounds of asthma drugs with antibiotics.
  • Spacer. The peculiarity of this means of combating asthma is in special valves. Asthma drugs are administered by the spacer only when inhaled, but when a person exhales, they close, thus reducing the number of used drugs. However, the spacers are large, so carrying them in your pocket will not work. Such a device can be bought at home in case of night attacks.
  • Auto-inhaler. A small inhaler that fits in the palm and also automatically delivers asthma medication when inhaled. You can buy an inhaler to ease breathing at any pharmacy. However, the choice should be made considering the patient’s age, the peculiarities of the body structure, the degree of complexity of the disease, and several other factors.

How to Control Asthma?

Modern medicines for bronchial asthma are an effective and reliable means of keeping the disease within acceptable limits for a normal life. However, it is worth considering whether a person has concomitant diseases.

You can buy asthma medications or an inhaler at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. However, self-medication is always harmful to health. Asthma is a dangerous disease, and an incorrectly selected drug can lead to fatal consequences.

In order for the disease to appear less often, you should lead an active lifestyle and avoid places with polluted air, and during the period of active flowering of plants, you should always keep an inhaler at hand, charged with the necessary drug for breathing.

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