The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Quail Hatching Eggs: Before You Buy

Written By Alla Levin
February 08, 2023

Things to Know about Quail Hatching Eggs before Buying Them

Are you looking to raise quail on your farm? If you are, there are two options: either buy live chicks or hatched eggs. Buying quail hatching eggs has many advantages. For example, it is more economical, helps avoid inbreeding, and gives you the experience of hatching using an incubator (if it’s your first time doing so).

Moreover, if you’re planning on raising your quails from scratch, purchasing some fertile hatching eggs is a good idea since it will save you time and money in the long run! But if you’ve never bought them before or are looking for information on them, this article will help you.

What are these?

These are eggs that hatch through the process of incubation, in which you place them in an incubator to hatch. A quail egg is small and round, about the size of a large pea, and hard-shelled. Sometimes they are white or brown with spots or speckles on them.

Where do they come from?

These come from Coturnix quails, which are known for producing high-quality eggs. These birds are also famous for having the highest ratio of feed consumed to the eggs laid. To ensure you receive the best quality hatching products possible, purchase those from a reputable breeder because they selectively breed bloodlines that provide the highest conversion ratios.

Benefits of buying Such Itemsquail hatching eggs

Buying eggs that are ready to hatch is an excellent investment. These are a good option if you’re interested in raising quails but want to start with something other than chicks or adults.

This is also an ideal way to start this as a hobby because they allow new owners to get their hands on large numbers of these little birds at once (the average clutch size is 20). And since it takes about 28 days from when an egg is laid until it hatches into its first-day-old chick, there’s plenty of time for buyers who want multiple clutches per year!

How to recognize a healthy egg?

You can tell if a quail’s egg is healthy by weighing it. A healthy Coturnix quail egg will weigh about 15 grams. When they are about ten weeks, they weigh between 12 to 14 ounces, and over 10 ounces once they are over six weeks.

Tips before buying them online

It would help if you considered buying from a farm company specializing in hatching. Go with those that deliver the eggs 72 hours after they are laid to ensure the highest chances of hatching. Choose a breeder that regularly audits their fertility rate.

Another thing you must check is the egg size, opting for those with an average weight of 15 grams per egg. Lastly, check their packaging process, whether they use foam egg shippers for optimum protection, and if they have a return or replacement policy for damaged products during the shipping process.

The main takeaway is that ordering quail hatching eggs online has numerous advantages. For instance, these come from Coturnix quails, famous for their large size, and you receive items with the highest viability. Before placing your order, be sure you choose a reliable breeder who has sufficient experience with quail eggs.

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