10 Benefits Of Buying An Existing Business

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2023

When considering whether to start a business from scratch or purchase an existing one, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. One of the biggest benefits of buying an existing business is the fact that it is already up and running, meaning that you will have customers, a solid track record, and established processes and systems in place.

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Buying An Existing Business: Reduced Risk

Purchasing an existing business reduces risk when compared to starting from scratch. You can make informed decisions as you’ll be able to review its financial statements and past performance before making a commitment. You also know what challenges you may face with the current market position of your new venture.

Established Goodwill

The existing business has an established customer base, reputation, and networks. This lowers the barrier to entry as you won’t need to spend a lot of time marketing the business or gaining the trust of customers.

Cash Flow

An established business usually has a steady cash flow, making it easier for you to sustain operations and meet financial obligations without needing further investment.

Quick Start-Up

Buying an existing business means that you can start working on improving its performance immediately rather than having to wait for months or years before seeing results from starting from the ground up. If you are considering starting in Calgary, Alberta, you can find such businesses for sale in Calgary, Alberta here.

Reduced Legal FeesBuying An Existing Business

When purchasing an existing business, legal matters such as transfer of title deed and purchase agreement are usually done with the help of a qualified attorney. This reduces the overall cost as well as the legal hassle associated with starting from scratch.

Financing Availability

Banks and other financial institutions are more likely to lend funds for an existing business than one that is just starting up. This can be of great help if you need additional capital to expand operations or purchase more assets.

Experienced Employees

An established business usually comes with experienced employees who are familiar with how things work in the company, which lowers training costs and the time needed for onboarding new staff members. It also allows you to tap into their knowledge and experience to grow your business further.

Established Supplier Relationships

Existing businesses usually have supplier relationships in place, which will lower the cost of purchasing goods or services. This gives you more bargaining power when negotiating terms with suppliers and allows you to leverage discounts or special deals.

Competitive Advantage

You can use existing processes and procedures in order to gain a competitive advantage over competitors that are just starting out. This means you can focus on innovation and improving performance instead of reinventing the wheel.

Tax Benefits

Finally, buying an existing business may provide certain tax advantages, such as deductions for advertising costs and depreciation expenses that may not be available if starting from scratch.


Overall, there are many benefits to buying an existing business from a business broker that needs to be taken into account before making a decision. With the right due diligence and research, you can find the perfect opportunity to launch your business.

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