Sex Crime Allegations
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Being accused of something as heinous as a sex crime is a hugely traumatic event for anyone. However, if you find yourself in this unfortunate position, you can prove your innocence and distance yourself from the whole ordeal. This post will explore something you should know if you find yourself charged with a sex crime that you did not commit.

It Is Important To Seek Legal Advice From A Criminal Defense Lawyer As Soon As Possible

As soon as you know of the accusation, it would be best to begin searching for a competent lawyer specializing in this field. In the words of a reputable sex crimes attorney in Baton Rouge, you can end up with hefty fines and possible imprisonment – if declared guilty.

You have to declare yourself as a sex offender for the rest of your life if you cannot rid yourself of the allegations. Therefore, in these cases, an attorney will become your best friend.

While that might sound like an overstatement, you will be shocked at how many of your friends and family suddenly treat you differently when they hear of the charges against you. It can be a terrifying and immensely lonely experience.

Lawyers are trained to remain impartial and aim to get you out of the situation and back to your everyday life as fast as possible. This means you will have someone to discuss the case with and who will believe what you have to say…something in short supply from those you previously considered loved ones.

Sex Crime Allegations Are Serious And Can Lead To Criminal Charges And A Criminal Record

Sex Crime Allegations

Crimes of a sexual nature reside on the more end of the criminal spectrum and, as such, can lead to a range of punishments from imprisonment to having your name placed on eh sex offenders register and having a criminal record.

This is why you want to clear your name as rapidly as possible so you can avoid the punishments and minimize the consequences of having a criminal record.

A record can stick with you for life, long after you’ve been released from prison, and can make your life incredibly difficult to get a job (even though some protections apply), rent a property or even take out loans, etc.

False Accusations Of Sex Crimes Can And Do Happen

Unfortunately, false allegations are part and parcel of this sort of crime. The only consolation is that the person could be charged with a crime for falsy accusing you of a crime you didn’t commit.

However, even though the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are guilty, your reputation can still be ruined for a long time after the fact.

The Burden Of Proof In Sex Crime Cases Is On The Prosecution (Although Your Name Can Still Be Dragged Through The Mud)

As you might imagine, sex crimes are among the most derided crimes that someone can commit outside of murder and a few other despicable acts. Consequently, regardless of your innocence, you must be prepared to have your name dragged through the mud and your life forever changed.

Furthermore, if the local press gets hold of the story, you can kiss goodbye to anonymity since no matter what you do in the way of an injunction, etc., if your name gets out into the wild, it’s game over.

Nevertheless, if you are innocent, keep your head down, and follow your lawyer’s advice, you will better cope with the pressure and come out on the other side wholly absolved of all charges.

It’s Important To Understand Your Legal Rights And Obligations If You Are Accused Of A Sex Crime

Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed and confused by the situation, but it’s essential to take the time to read up on the laws in your state, so you are fully aware of your rights.

It is also crucial to know if laws in your state will cause additional consequences beyond those related directly to the allegation itself. For instance, some states require convicted individuals to be barred from certain occupations or living arrangements. 

Never Talk About Your Case Unless Your Attorney Is Present

As with any legal case, it’s vital never to discuss your case with anyone unless your lawyer is present. This even extends to your support team, who will be by your side throughout the process. Discussing the issue outside of court risks incriminating yourself and making the case against you even stronger.

Being accused of a sex crime is an utterly harrowing experience and can turn your life upside down if you allow it to. Nonetheless, with an experienced attorney by your side, you will have someone who is able to fight in your corner and, hopefully, enable you to come away completely untarnished.

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