Clinics in Germany

Written By Alla Levin
March 21, 2023

Germany is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. The country is attractive primarily for its high level of medicine. The best clinics in Germany can boast state-of-the-art equipment. These medical facilities perform innovative procedures and operations that are not available in most countries around the world. If you want to undergo your treatment in Germany, you are welcome to visit the Booking Health website to find out prices and choose the necessary medical services.

What diseases can be treated at German clinics?

German clinics most often admit patients for the following reasons:

  • Cancer treatment;
  • Treatment of orthopedic diseases, including joint replacement surgery;
  • Cardiac surgery, including heart valve replacement and repair, coronary artery bypass grafting, and treatment of heart defects in children;
  • Neurosurgical operations;
  • Other surgical interventions;
  • Check-up diagnostics;
  • Rehabilitation follows diseases, injuries, and operations.

Doctors at German clinics treat patients not only with the best results but also using safer and less traumatic techniques. Following treatment, patients recover faster and have a higher quality of life. The likelihood that the person’s health will deteriorate again in the future and that a revision operation will be required is extremely low.

Clinics in Germany: Which clinics admit foreign patients?

Almost all German hospitals admit medical tourists. However, if the population of Germany receives the majority of medical services at the expense of insurance companies, then foreigners are treated at their own expense. You can find out how much it costs on the Booking Health website.

There are four types of hospitals in Germany: university, municipal, private, and church clinics. University hospitals are considered the best because they receive the most advanced equipment, the best specialists work here, innovations are often used, and many clinical trials of new treatment methods are carried out. It is here that patients with severe, advanced, and rare diseases seek medical help at these medical facilities. At the same time, in the case of common pathologies, such as appendicitis, cholecystitis, or early-stage cancer, you can also go to the municipal hospital, receiving top-class medical services at a lower cost.

Private clinics are often highly specialized. For example, they carry out IVF, eye surgery, or arthroscopic interventions. Some private centers specialize in urology, gynecology, plastic surgery, and other medical fields. Patients receive maximum attention here, and treatment takes place in comfortable conditions.

How to select a hospital?

There are hundreds of reputable hospitals in Germany. It is worth selecting a hospital, taking into account many factors, including which clinic specializes in the treatment of your disease, where and what procedures are practiced, how much they cost, where the clinic is located, when are the next free appointment dates, etc.

You are welcome to use the services of professionals to avoid mistakes when choosing a hospital. Please leave your request on the Booking Health website along with sending your medical reports, providing information about your diagnostics or symptoms, and describing your expectations for treatment. We will contact you within a few hours and offer the most suitable options. Our company’s specialists will select a clinic that specializes in the treatment of your disease and achieves the best results.

Our website specifies the cost of treatment at different hospitals. You can compare prices to choose a medical care program at the best price. After making your treatment appointment through Booking Health, we will take care of all the arrangements for your trip, so you can fully focus on restoring your health.

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