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Drunk drivers are responsible for over one million crashes every year. Once you start driving after drinking alcohol, you might be at risk of causing harm to others. Although it hurts your career and life, getting caught driving under the influence is also a crime.

If you’re charged with DUI in Phoenix, AZ, don’t worry -there are plenty of ways that a criminal defense attorney DUI can help you. Keep reading to learn about a few sensitive circumstances that deserve legal representation.

Where Criminal Defense Attorney (DUI) Can Help: Possible Radio Interference

Radio interference cases involve a person sending or receiving radio waves without authorization from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These cases can be complicated, and radio interference laws can be confusing.

An attorney specializing in criminal defense DUI cases can help a person accused of radio interference understand the law’s nuances and their potential outcomes. They can provide the expertise and guidance needed to build a defense, negotiate plea agreements, and present the best case possible in court.

Complications from Illness

In delicate situations where a criminal defense attorney specializing in driving under the influence (DUI) can help, complications from illness can play an important role. For example, a driver who suffers from diabetes might experience a debilitating low blood sugar incident while driving and be pulled over. An experienced DUI attorney could help determine whether this was a medical emergency or an impairment due to other substances.

Individuals who have taken legally prescribed medications yet driven erratically could benefit greatly from an experienced criminal defense attorney. Many individuals do not understand the legal implications of medication and DUI. Having a knowledgeable attorney on their side can help significantly reduce the likely penalties of a conviction.

Poor Arrest ProceduresCriminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney DUI can help in a delicate situation when there are poor arrest procedures due to the complexity of a case. The defense attorney can work to ensure that a defendant’s rights are protected and that the arresting officer follows all applicable l The defense attorney can provide advice on whether to accept a plea agreement or proceed to trial.

The attorney can also provide legal representation throughout the entire criminal trial process, working to prevent the defendant from receiving harsh sentences. By looking at the evidence and complexities of the case, the attorney can develop a strong defense strategy and make sure their client’s rights are respected.

Faulty Tests Used

In a criminal defense surrounding a DUI charge, good representation can be especially critical for cases involving faulty tests used. For example, they can consult specialists and have tests re-examined if they detect any inconsistencies or if a breathalyzer test administered seemed incorrect.

Knowing that the methods used to make the measurement are just as important as the numbers. They’re well-versed in challenging law enforcement’s investigation techniques and can ensure that all evidence is obtained lawfully. 

No Test Given

In some instances, authorities may not have performed the required chemical tests before arresting a person on suspicion of DUI. This lack of testing could lead to the adjudication of innocence as the accused may not have been under the influence. In these delicate situations, a criminal defense attorney DUI can help the defendant by bringing out facts that could work in the accused’s favor.

The lawyer can also object to any errors in the arrest process, such as an unwarranted search or lack of required evidence. By exploring such difficult issues, the criminal defense attorney DUI can help the accused build a solid defense and ultimately achieve a favorable outcome.

Test Given LateDUI Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

In this case, the individual in question may still be able to demonstrate that they were not, in fact, under the influence of alcohol at the time of the test. The expertise of a criminal defense attorney DUI can come in handy in such situations. The attorney may argue that the delay in administering the test caused the blood alcohol content to be misstated.

This argument, if successful, can help reduce or alter the charges in court, especially if the case has a solid background and supports the claim. A criminal defense attorney for DUI can also argue that the individual was not given adequate time to give consent to the breath test as required under the law.

Understanding the Penalties for a DUI Executive

Criminal defense lawyers can help the defendant better understand the process itself. A DUI Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ has explained the works and how to best prepare for court appearances. They will be able to educate the defendant on any potential collateral impacts a conviction may have on their everyday life, such as insurance, job opportunities, and license suspension.

Criminal defense attorneys can also help defendants with delicate situations, such as plea bargaining, to avoid jail time. They can negotiate with the prosecution for a lesser sentence and navigate the process as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Forming a Winning DUI Defense Strategy

The accused must decide how to form a winning defense strategy when charged with DUI. An accused person can develop an effective defense plan that eliminates or reduces possible penalties with the help of a knowledgeable attorney, such as a criminal defense attorney with experience.

Depending on the circumstances, this may involve an attorney negotiating with the prosecution to obtain agreement on reduced charges or finding other legal avenues of defense. An attorney will have experience and knowledge of the law, which can be invaluable in developing a defense strategy that may persuade the court to grant a favorable outcome and possibly avoid conviction altogether.

Hire an Attorney Specializing in DUI and Get the Help You Need

An experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to defending citizens accused of DUI charges can help ensure you don’t feel alone when facing or questioning legal charges. Contact a professional today and take control of your future.

Contact an experienced attorney today and get the help you need.

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