Still-Life Artworks Photography
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A Step-by-Step Guide To Get Started With Still-Life Artworks Photography Like a Pro

Still-life photography is not everyone’s cup of cappuccino. You need to be creative and innovative with your ideas to click on still-life artworks like a pro. You can’t just pick a subject, buy a camera, and start capturing. You must know tons of things to start your journey.

Don’t know what makes the still-life picture stand out? Here’s our quick step-by-step guide to help you capture all those still moments like a pro.

Follow the notes and become the next big thing in still-life photography.

Step 1: Plan Your Still Life Shoot

Before you start with still-life photography or any other artwork like contemporary still-life paintings for the exhibition, the first step is planning. When planning your shoot, you must first figure out the theme. Choosing a theme allows you to determine the object colors and lightning for your shoot easily. However, if you plan to go without a theme, you may collect unrelated images lacking direction and purpose.

Therefore, the best way to capture random or planned objects is to ensure you have an approximate idea about your masterpiece. Moreover, planning ahead can save you time and money, helping you avoid mistakes without missing important details.

Overall, a fixed roadmap for your next capture helps your creative version be more precise and efficient.

Step 2: Arrange The Objects & Props According To PlanStill-Life Artworks Photography

Arranging objects and props uniquely is the most important part of creating a stunning still-life picture. Though experts consider it the most challenging part of still-life photography, it is essential to get a professional-grade result.

To make objects appear good in the image even from a close distance, you must arrange them carefully and focus on the artistic feel and style. Also, you can use different objects to provide contrast and bring out the beauty of your picture from different angles.

Step 3: Time to Shoot Still-Life

Now that you have arranged your objects and props, it’s time to start shooting your picture. When you are shooting, you must focus on a few things:

  • Background: The background is the most important part of a still-life photography composition. It must look suitable for the objects and props that you are using. If you use famous still-life paintings as a prop, choose a suitable background that complements the overall composition.
  • Lighting: Lighting is essential to create stunning still-life photography artwork. For outdoor shooting, you must look for the right time to shoot. Whereas, for indoor still-life photographs, you can use a flashgun or studio lighting equipment to achieve more outstanding results.
  • Camera Settings: You must get a professional camera with a good quality lens so that your photograph looks good from any distance. It is important because it affects the overall quality of an image, like its depth of field, exposure, and look. Also, you must adjust the white balance and focus setting depending on the environment and subject.
  • Shutter Speed: You should choose a shutter speed suitable for your photo’s lighting condition. It determines how much light enters the camera and how motion is captured in the image. A slow shutter speed can create a blurred effect, while a fast shutter speed can freeze movement in a photo.

Thus, selecting the right shutter speed is crucial to achieving the desired effect in your still-life photography.

Step 4: Post-Processing Your Still-Life PhotoStill-Life Artworks Photography

By now, your still-life photo should be ready, and you can post-process it any way you want. It can be edited with free photo editing software. You can also include your black and white landscape painting with your still-life photography artwork to make the final result look more aesthetic. 

Still-Life Artworks Photography: Wrapping up!

Still-life photography involves creating art by arranging objects, props, and lighting. You must be careful when setting your objects because a mistake can destroy the composition. That’s why you should focus more on the arrangements than just spending money to buy some high-end equipment.

If you want to become a professional in still-life photography, follow this step-by-step guide and capture some stunning paintings or moments for your next exhibition.

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