The Ultimate Guide to Vacationing in Las Vegas

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2023

More than 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas annually, making it one of the most popular cities in the US. It’s unsurprising since we’re talking about a “city that never sleeps” that always has something to offer. Vegas is seen as a city filled with luxurious hotels, flashy casinos, top-class restaurants, and wild nightclubs. However, this description is only valid for the world-famous Strip.

There’s much more to Vegas than non-stop partying and wedding chapels filled with Elvis impersonators. It has a great range of decently priced restaurants, numerous cultural events, and plenty of outdoor activities as well. So, to help you get the best of both worlds, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips and attractions you can’t miss.

Vacationing in Las Vegas: Let’s not Forget about the Little Things

Before discussing must-see attractions in Las Vegas, or unique experiences, you can enjoy here, best to begin with the basics. Especially if this is your first visit, these small tips can make a world of difference. 

  • Accommodation – even before buying plane tickets, you must establish just how important the hotel room is in the whole equation. If you’re not planning to gamble, there’s no point in choosing a resort. Then, there’s the matter of balancing budget, services, and location. You can choose something that’s a bit farther from the Strip and enjoy the nice walk when you’re visiting the casinos;
  • Bring cash –  if you plan to try your luck at some casino games, always use cash. Paying by card is nothing you’d experience in online casinos. The fees are quite high, and you shouldn’t hope for no deposit bonuses. Maybe a free drink;
  • Renting a car – you don’t need to rent a car to get to all the “unmissable” attractions of Las Vegas. It could come in handy if you plan to go outside the city and don’t want to book a guided trip;
  • Taxis and ride-sharing – if you need to grab a cab, all the ride-sharing alternatives are available. Keep in mind that it can take up to 30 minutes to find a car, so plan ahead;
  • Bring comfortable shoes – whether you grab a Uber now and then or you’re a fan of walking from point A to point B, ensure to pack comfy footwear. You’re looking at a 4.2 miles walk from one end of the Strip to the other, for example;
  • Don’t forget about the sunscreen – summer months in Las Vegas can be brutal in terms of heat and sunshine. Late spring doesn’t get much milder, so protect your skin at all times when outside;

Vacationing in Las Vegas: Iconic Las Vegas ExperiencesIconic Las Vegas Experiences

It’s time to jump right into it! Las Vegas has countless attractions that label themselves as “must-see” but can easily be skipped. So, if you don’t have too much time, here’s what you need to check. Also, make sure you book in advance as the demand is sky-high!

  1. LINQ High Roller – fancy for an overhead view of the city without spending thousands on a helicopter tour? This is the best way to do it! The pods move slowly, and you can take in all the impressive buildings or the natural landscape;
  2. Eiffel Tower Sunset – with some planning, you can get an incredible sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Just make sure you get there 30 minutes before and look at the Bellagio Fountains;
  3. Las Vegas Shows – the world’s top performers come to Vegas. From singers, acrobats, magicians, or comedians, you’ll find something for everyone and have an evening of guaranteed fun;
  4. Shark Reef Aquarium – if you want a break from the fast-paced city life, the aquarium is your best choice. It takes around 20 minutes to go through it, and you’re in for a treat;
  5. Mirage Volcano – you simply can’t miss the man-made volcano at the Mirage and its beautiful eruption shows. It even has a soundtrack, and everything is timed to perfection for your entertainment; 
  6. Bellagio Fountain Show – we close our list of top Las Vegas attractions with the jaw-dropping fountain show from the Bellagio. Made famous by Ocean’s 11, it’s one of the hottest spots in the city;

Vacationing in Las Vegas: Outdoor Hidden Gems 

After you’re done visiting the city’s landmarks, it’s time to zoom out a bit (if time allows it). The Nevada desert offers many incredible experiences for those that aren’t afraid to sweat a little. 

  1. Kayaking in the Emerald Cave;
  2. Day trip to the Red Rock Canyon;
  3. Day trips to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead;
  4. Hikes in the Valley of Fire;
  5. ATV safaris to various destinations.

Whether you stick to the city or explore the nearby wilderness, Las Vegas is always worth a visit. So, it’s time to use all this information and plan a trip that perfectly fits your style and needs! 

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