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Taking care of the customer experience with your business is fundamental to success; after all, satisfied consumers tend to return, make new purchases, and spend more. To create a positive experience for your audience, paying attention to some factors, such as relationship, quality, and delivery, is essential.

With online consumption on the rise, preparing to make an agile and satisfactory delivery is necessary. With the right solutions to maintain quality, it is possible to reduce delivery time and thus generate positive impacts on the public. Next, you will understand how fast delivery can improve the customer experience. Continue reading and stay on top of the subject.

Speed ​​in Product Delivery Influences: The Delivery Speed Concept

This concept relates to how quickly a product leaves your company or the corresponding storage area and reaches the customer. The objective here is to ensure that the customer receives their product in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality of delivery.

Meeting customer expectations

The concept of delivery speed is related to consumer behavior and demands changes. Today, people expect to receive their products in less time, seeking to unite the ease of buying without leaving home with the possibility of using the item as quickly as possible.

Expectations have grown around this topic with the emergence of different methods, such as same-day delivery. Receiving orders has become one of the most relevant criteria for consumers.

The advantages of agile and quality delivery

Knowing this expectation regarding delivery, it is essential to carry out a more efficient process in less time. This attention to the needs of the public is advantageous for both sellers and buyers.

Starting with the customer, fast and quality delivery brings practicality to everyday life. Online shopping can replace physical purchases because it is no longer necessary to wait days or even weeks to receive an order. The best thing is that it becomes possible to buy whenever and wherever you want, according to your everyday needs.

In addition, the customer is more satisfied when he receives the product quickly. This creates a positive impression of the entire experience and adds more value to the order. These are essential aspects of obtaining better commercial results for those who sell. More satisfied customers tend to become loyal – thus, it is easier to obtain new conversions.

A good experience can also lead the consumer to recommend the company to other people, which reduces the customer acquisition cost (CAC) and favors the expansion of the portfolio. In addition, it is possible to have a competitive advantage. Quality delivery makes the public more likely to choose your business over competitors.

Optimizing the delivery and customer experienceproduct delivery influences

Knowing that the customer experience is directly affected by the quality of delivery, it is worth looking for ways to optimize this logistical step. Below are the best ways to ensure proper and quality delivery.

Count on excellent logistics partners

To make better deliveries, it is essential to have the support of good partners and logistics operators. This is one of the pillars for effective action and involves coverage, meeting deadlines, and meeting expectations. This is the case, for example, of signing a contract with a carrier that presents interesting conditions and costs that fit your budget.

Other solutions may better suit your reality when we talk about logistics partners. As you will see later, the marketplace can be a good alternative. The important thing is to have an operator capable of meeting demands in terms of volume and deadlines. Thus, it is possible to ensure that the entire logistics chain works correctly, without extra difficulties or damage to the customer experience.

Pay attention to the shipping cost

Favoring the customer’s experience also means ensuring he can effectively consume at the desired time. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment in online shopping is high shipping.

To reverse this situation, it is worth paying more attention to the shipping cost and looking for ways to make it cheaper. It is essential, for example, to think about progressive discounts according to the purchase price. Depending on how the approach is applied, this can increase the average ticket. There is also a chance to offer specific coupons and promotions focused on the delivery cost. This can be a solution to increase sales in seasonal periods or on commemorative dates.

The most efficient action, however, is usually the provision of free shipping. In this way, customers tend to feel more willing to make a purchase, opening up the opportunity to build a relationship with your company.

Provide order tracking

To ensure that the buyer properly participates in the logistical process, it is important to provide the tracking code for the order. This is an essential issue because, firstly, it conveys more confidence, as your customer can follow the order’s status.

In addition, it is an alternative that favors the planning of each consumer. For example, each person can plan to receive orders by knowing the delivery estimate. Therefore, making the tracking code available is a way to reduce the risks of reverse logistics.

Update information accordingly

As necessary making the tracking code available ensures that the customer knows what is happening with the order. Prior to shipment, this means letting you know when the product has been picked up or shipped.

After sending it to the destination address, it is essential to update the information constantly. The idea is that the customer always knows exactly where the order is. Therefore, it is worthwhile to facilitate the monitoring of this data.

Meet the deadline

For the customer’s experience with delivery to be, in fact, satisfactory, it is essential to meet the deadline defined in the purchase. Consumers often program themselves to receive a product at a certain time and create expectations about it.

A seller-caused delay breaks this expectation and directly affects customer confidence. Even if the product is suitable, the consumer will likely have a negative impression of the purchase. Here, two points are essential. The first is correctly defining the delivery estimate, considering possible unforeseen circumstances. Presenting a realistic deadline is the best way to align expectations.

In addition, it is necessary to take care of the entire logistics chain, from the separation of products and timely shipment to the choice of operator. This way, the chances of making the delivery on schedule are greater.

Take care of the packagingSpeed ​​in Product Delivery Influences

Another essential point to improve the customer experience and ensure good delivery involves careful packaging. It is the first point of contact between the customer and the product and can directly influence satisfaction related to that purchase.

In general, it is important to have well-presented packaging demonstrating that the product was shipped carefully. In addition, one has to worry about the details of transportation.

Fragile products, for example, require extra care, such as using a Creosnap shipping crate, capable of absorbing impacts. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the shipment of liquids, electronics, and other elements that require special conditions. It is not enough to deliver on the same day if the product is not in the conditions the customer expects.

Offer different delivery methods

No matter how good the planning for delivery is, it is unlikely that the same solution will serve all customers. To offer a satisfactory experience in all senses, it is essential to provide different delivery methods.

You can have a free delivery type and offer faster-paid alternatives. Thus, if the customer has an emergency, he can choose the most convenient for him. It is important that all delivery methods have the same level of quality. Otherwise, the relationship with the customer may suffer.

Reasons for choosing a marketplace

Creating a good customer experience through delivery is not a task you have to do alone. Instead, it is possible to count on a marketplace capable of offering all the necessary structure for you to act with quality.

In practice, marketplaces have decentralized channels, as they comprise several sellers. As a result, companies in the segment tend to be able to negotiate better conditions, which favors quality and the fulfillment of promises – including delivery.

It differs from what happens with traditional e-commerce, in which action is individual and generally has less structure. With the evolution of the market, marketplaces have invested in new alternatives, such as same-day delivery. Thus, it is possible to count on strategic support to serve customers in the best way.

Fast delivery without compromising quality can transform the customer’s experience and their relationship with the market. With optimization tips and support from a marketplace, you can exceed your consumer’s expectations.

Did you like to know how the speed of product delivery influences the customer experience? How have you been making your deliveries? Leave a comment and join the conversation.

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