3 Creative Hobbies For You To Try This Year

Written By Alla Levin
June 09, 2023

Are you looking for a new hobby to pursue this year? Or maybe you are looking for something new that ignites passion and creativity. Whatever the reason, there is never a bad time or a wrong reason to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Doing something you love will be good for the brain and the soul and give you something you can delve into that sparks joy and happiness.

But what exactly can that hobby be, and what should you be looking at? There are thousands of different hobbies you can choose to try your hand at, and the best part is if you don’t enjoy it, you need to keep plugging away. You can move on to something else until you find something you love. 

Finding a creative outlet is something that people the world over find beneficial to their mental health. A release that allows them to get thoughts out of their heads and onto a medium they can make sense of them can be highly therapeutic, as you can channel your energy into creating something new and fun using different materials and tools. Read on for 3 fun and creative hobbies to try this year.

Creative Hobbies: WritingCreative Hobbies

Everyone has a book in them, so the saying goes, one of the most common career goals is to write a book. And with the ability to self-publish, anyone can write a book. There is no need to find a publishing deal if you choose not to. That being said, writing is a skill that needs to be practiced and worked on to help you craft the perfect story or nonfiction book for others to enjoy.

You need to know how to write about, not just the storyline. You need to be able to write engaging sentences, know the required literary elements of writing a book, and learn how to move your plot forward and sufficiently close the story, for example.


With the world becoming filled with excess products and “things,” more and more people are looking to reduce their impact and waste as they give their lives.

Part of this trend includes upcycling old products into something new that can be useful for someone and gives the product a new lease of life. Upcycling can involve many products, from household furniture to soft furnishings, clothing, etc. There is a thriving upcycling community of people sharing their tips and tricks for the best results and an expansive customer base ready to buy those new creations.

CookingCooking is an art form

Cooking is an art form, and creating delectable dishes to enjoy and experimenting with flavors can be increasingly relaxing and a worthwhile hobby for those who love to get stuck in the kitchen.

Whether you are a novice or a budding chef, you can never learn too many kitchen skills, and this is a hobby that can keep you engaged and creative for many years to come. Even if you never leave your home kitchen, there are millions of recipes and tutorials online and courses to help you expand your cooking skills and get the most from your dishes.

Creative Hobbies: Conclusion

Finding a hobby that makes you happy and expresses your creativity can significantly benefit your mental health and be a great way to learn new skills. Whatever you choose, ensure you do it for all the right reasons.

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