Why Is Cremation Becoming More Popular Than a Traditional Funeral In The US?

Written By Alla Levin
March 15, 2022

Why Is Cremation Becoming More Popular Than a Traditional Funeral In The US?

Most people in the US find themselves weighing the merits of cremation over traditional burial. Interestingly, cremation has become increasingly popular with the larger population in the US compared to traditional funerals.

According to statistics, only 3.6% of Americans approved cremation in the early 1960s. The US National Funeral Directors Association projects that this rate will increase up to 63.3% by 2025. Consequently,  many funeral homes Tulsa’s OK are now offering cremation services.

So, why is cremation becoming more popular than a traditional funeral in the US? That’s what we are about to find out below:

Environmental preservation

There is a growing environmental awareness and concern in the United States. Hence, most States are now considering cremation as the best way of giving their last respect to their loved ones. For example, cremation in Dallas tx, has become an increasingly popular option that is also helping green movements by contributing towards environmental preservation.

While cremation may not be 100% eco-friendly, most Americans approve of it more than a traditional burial. That’s because it tends to care for natural resources and reduce the land used for cemetery purposes.

Deterioration of most households’ income

Deterioration of financial resources in most households has led to a lack of dependable finances for most families to arrange traditional funerals and burial services. As such, cremation is viewed as a much cheaper yet more respectful option. In addition, there is a range of options to choose from on what type of cremation service is best suited for you and your family with manageable finance options.

Religious reasons

In the earlier years, most religions preferred the traditional way of burial. Some denominations like the Catholic Church discouraged cremation until recently, in 1963, when they softened their stand towards it. Nowadays, however, most Catholics and other religions have embraced cremation as a theological choice, with even some churches building columbariums for the cremation of their followers.

People who are not inclined to any religious beliefs tend to choose cremation over traditional burials. Go Cremation Association of North America has found that cremation is high among people with no association with specific religions.

Family movement and flexibility

Many years back, most homes had family plot cemeteries and graveyards where they laid their loved ones to rest. This was a fit option since the larger part of the family lived close together for a long time. Anyone who wanted to visit their family member’s gravesite would do so regularly without having to travel long distances.

In the new era, however, the mobility of most families has completely changed, with people moving great distances all over the world in search of adversities. It would make little sense for most people in America if someone suggested that they would love to be buried alongside their long-gone family members.

Cremation has made it possible for people to create an adequate time frame, allowing family members living far away to travel at their convenience for the memorial service. Besides, thanks to the many advanced ways to store ashes and unique ways to scatter them, people now consider cremation the best way to make memories of the bereaved for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Death experience in the family is usually emotional and very painful. Arranging the final send-off can be another stressful process for the family due to various costs incurred for the burial arrangements. But most people have now made prearrangements with National cremation while still living. This has helped reduce most financial hustles families experience when arranging for their final send-off. Cremation has proved to be more cost-effective while helping keep one’s memories in the family even after they’re long dead.

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