Getting High-Performance Results With Graco Spray Guns

Written By Alla Levin
June 28, 2023

Start optimizing the performance of your Graco spray gun by holding it approximately 12 inches from the surface, perpendicularly to it. This reduces overspray and saves paint.

Keep this distance between you and the gun, flexing your wrist to maintain proper gun positioning at both ends of every reach. This a great technique to ensure the more complex curves and contours are adequately covered with high-performance Graco sprayers.

Getting High-Performance Results With Graco Spray Guns: Graco SG3 Spray Gun

If you want high-performing paint sprayer results, consider the Graco SG3 Spray Gun. This model was created to offer comfortable and convenient use while producing stunning finishes on any project.

This fully balanced and lightweight design boasts a full 4-finger trigger that’s 30% lighter than competitive options for easy operation and reduced fatigue, as well as an in-handle paint filter to prevent tip clogs and enhance finish – ideal for coatings such as primers, stains, and varnishes.

Graco SG3 boasts another critical advantage – an innovative smooth-glide hose swivel that helps eliminate twisting during operation, making it perfect for contractors or users with multiple projects simultaneously. Furthermore, its cleanability is another important feature making the Graco SG3 so popular among users of paint sprayers.

Graco XTR Airless Spray Gun

The XTR airless spray gun is a high-flow airless spray gun designed for hard-to-spray industrial and protective coatings, featuring an easy breakdown and cleaning process, making maintenance much simpler for contractors. Additionally, its self-locking needle design makes maintenance much simpler for any contractor involved.

This machine also comes equipped with a factory-installed toolbox stocked with items every applicator should keep on hand for job sites, including throat seal liquid, tools for poppet and air valves, pump filter cap 0-rings, and spare tip/gun filters.

The Contractor PC airless spray gun is easy and comfortable, featuring custom fit adjustments with on-the-fly trigger adjustments for superior spraying performance. It comes equipped with an on-the-fly trigger adjuster and features on-the-fly trigger adjustments with immediate results – perfect for projects of all sizes!

Additionally, its lightweight design and lower atomizing pressures result in improved transfer efficiency with reduced overspray and fan pattern; plus its Line Lazer tip system produces laser-sharp lines.

Graco Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun

The Contractor PC Gun stands out among other paint sprayers by being consistent and reliable, always doing the job that needs doing. Furthermore, its durability allows it to withstand much abuse – something important when dealing with paint sprayers prone to breaking when dropped or caught on something.

Graco decided to upgrade its gun by including new features. For instance, they designed the E-Z Fit adjustable trigger that allows users to quickly switch between two-finger and three and four-finger triggers by twisting a screw. Furthermore, their ProConnect cartridge includes needle and wear parts in one easy package that makes rebuilding your gun faster on-site.

The Contractor PC is 25% lighter and smaller than its predecessor model, providing exclusive Graco innovations in comfort and durability that you can count on for every task.

Graco Spray Guns: Graco HydroShield Electrostatic Spray Gun

Graco offers various water-based electrostatic spray gun solutions, such as external charge systems and direct charge isolation batch systems. Natural charge systems offer superior transfer efficiency because the paint is loaded directly from an isolation cabinet into the spray gun.

To optimize transfer efficiency, be sure the tip on your spray gun matches the part size. A significant tip could cause material blow-by and reduce transfer efficiency by as much as 30%; you also should ensure your operator uses appropriate spray techniques.

Graco’s HydroShield waterborne system is one of the safest and most user-friendly electrostatic spray systems on the market, using proven components like Pro Xp WB guns, isolation pump, and controller interface to deliver outstanding results.

HydroShield refills itself from its source whenever a gun is de-triggered, reducing downtime while increasing productivity. Furthermore, its user-friendly manual control interface lets operators choose spray functions while remaining informed of the system status.

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