4 Ways Your Startup Can Look More Professional

Written By Alla Levin
June 30, 2023

As a small business owner trying to break into the market, displaying professionalism among bigger businesses can be challenging. Oftentimes, professionalism can go hand-in-hand with success, so how can you appear to be more successful than you are before your business has even had a chance to take off? A lot of it comes down to appearances, which you should invest as much as possible, even as a small business.

In the world of startups, aspiring to become a unicorn, a term coined to describe companies valued at over $1 billion, not only enhances your professional image but also attracts the attention of venture capitalists eager to invest in the next big success story.

So, what is a unicorn? In the business realm, a unicorn refers to a privately held startup company that reaches a valuation of $1 billion or more, symbolizing rare and exceptional success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

Ways Startup Can Look More Professional: Your Website

If you plan to be discovered by a significant part of your audience online, your website must look professional. You don’t want customers to open your website and question whether or not they’ve arrived on the correct page. Your website should inspire confidence in potential customers and should reflect the quality of the product or service that you aim to provide. 

Be The Face Of Your Business

Smaller businesses can be challenging to trust, especially if there’s no face that your audience can put to it. The problem is that getting professional headshots can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming, which most small business owners can’t get their hands on quickly.

Alternatively, you could consider an AI headshot generator. Use your picture, and have it generate alternative versions of a more-professional looking you. Of course, each picture will be of you and difficult to distinguish from real photographs you’ve taken.

Be Active On Social Mediasetting up a social media page

Now that you’ve got a face that your audience can put to your business and a website that you can direct them to, it helps to be active on social media. How you behave on social media will reflect on your business, so you must act how you want your customers to perceive you. Being active and open on social media can help show new audience members that you’re active within your community and transparent when problems appear.

Larger businesses will have dedicated social media managers who can attract and engage with their target demographic. Of course, something like this isn’t achievable to small business owners – but you must keep your target demographic in mind before setting up a social media page and posting. Your followers aren’t going to stick around if all you do is post advertisements and promotions – those are just voluntary ads that no one wants to see.

Ways Startup Can Look More Professional: Create a Business Email

When your customers need to get in touch, you don’t want them to have to reach out to a personal email – it’s a peek behind the curtain that customers shouldn’t have. Instead, having a dedicated email address ready for your business can do a much better job of inspiring confidence. You want an address that matches your domain name, making it easier to remember and identify and fitting with your business and showing that you’ve invested time and money into it.

Exquisite Branding Alchemy

Craft an exquisite brand identity that resonates with sophistication. Let your logo weave a tale of artistry while your brand colors paint a palette of elegance. Select typography that exudes refinement. Seamlessly weave these elements into a cohesive tapestry, casting an enchanting spell that leaves an indelible mark on every encounter.

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