Want More Sales Online? Do These 4 Things…

Written By Alla Levin
June 14, 2021

Want More Sales Online? Do These 4 Things…

Online sales currently make up an unprecedented percentage of many businesses’ total revenue. Yet, many businesses have come nowhere near to achieving their full online sales potential. The good news is there are always improvements that will help companies achieve their full sales potential online. Keep reading to discover 4 of the best.

Use live chat

One of the most straightforward ways you can boost your online sales is to use a live chat service on your website. The great thing about a live chat service is that it provides customers with the advice and reassurance required to make their purchase now.

Indeed, companies using live chat services to sell online can expect a lower bounce rate, a shorter and more effective sales cycle, all while converting more visitors into good quality leads.

Improve user experience

Annoying your customers straight off the bat with a confusing website that doesn’t do what it promises or is grating on the eye will do nothing to boost online sales. Conversely, a smooth website to navigate works easily and effectively and looks great will potentially do more for your online sales than any other improvement. 

With that in mind, be sure that you invest in reliable hosting, and ensure your UI and UX team carefully considers the way your target demographic is likely to use and navigate your site. 

Finally, investing in some research and testing the right types of call to action is crucial. In particular, positive affirmations such as “yes, I want to improve X, now” can work a lot better than “call us now.”

Capture customer dataCapture customer data

Data is hugely valuable when increasing online sales, especially now that it enables personalized marketing to be sent out. Indeed, tailoring the products, offer, and even tone of the marketing messages specifically to a customer can help make conversion vastly more likely. 

Unfortunately, while the theory behind this process is sound, in practice, many businesses are finding there is one problem that is stopping them from harnessing personalized marketing to its full advantage. This problem is a lack of data. Fortunately, as technology evolves, better ways to capture the right customer data are being developed.

Concerning this lack of data situation, revenue intelligence is one solution that can be particularly useful. The reason being that it uses AI to gather more and better data to popularize your business’s CRM, something that in turn helps your company better anticipates and meet your customers’ needs, and so is highly beneficial in boosting sales.

Use product images

One way selling online can struggle to match up to an IRL experience is to see (and touch) the product before it’s bought. The good news is that some solutions can help here. The first is to include good-quality professional photos of your product against a white background with plenty of light. 

Of course, going a little further and including videos and even example videos is even better as they can instantly show ponytail customers the value that your product can provide to them. Something that means they will feel much more secure about buying it online.

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