Is Vehicle Shipping Worth the Cost?

Written By Alla Levin
July 05, 2023

Is Vehicle Shipping Worth the Cost?

Anyone who has decided to move to a new state or taken an extended vacation knows how difficult it can be to plan that.  Putting it lightly, there are a lot of variables to keep track of and something to stay aware of.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

When all of that is happening, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is trying to plan a road trip.  Especially if it’s a road trip that will involve lugging a bunch of stuff around, is there another way to get our vehicles to our destination, though?  At first glance, it might not seem like there is.

However, hopefully, it’s a relief to know that another option is available to us.  As you can see here,, it’s known as car shipping.  Now, some expenses are involved, so today, we’ll be looking at whether or not it’s worth the price.

What is Car Shipping?

Now, we can’t cover whether or not this is worth it without first explaining what it is, so that’s where we’re going to start.  Luckily, the context clues should have already given you a pretty big hint about what it is.  Simply put, you transport a vehicle through a service provider in some large container or crate.

How Does it Work?

Next, let’s discuss how this sort of thing works.  Typically, you’ll want to know an approximation of how far you need your vehicle transported before you get a consultation and quote.  This will help things go much more smoothly, so know your destination before starting the process.

From there, though, there are a few other things you’ll want to have prepared.  Familiarize yourself with your car – know the make, model, and year it was made.  Additionally, take photos of any damage that is already there.  Chips in the paint, dings, anything like that, make sure you have a record of it.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll have to worry about that with the best vehicle shipping companies, it’s at least worth having as a form of insurance.  Consider it a “just in case” if something happens during transport.

Pricingbest vehicle shipping

This is where things get a bit more complicated.  The main thing to note here is that many things can go into the pricing, and that’s why most companies offer quotes before you need to commit.  You’ll want to consider the container you want your vehicle transported in.

Most of the time, there are two options.  These are the closed container versus the open ones. The former is more expensive but less risky, and the latter is the inverse of that.  You’ll have to decide if the extra cash is worth the while – the main thing to worry about with the open containers is that your car could get dirty.

Of course, that can be solved relatively easily by getting a quick car wash afterward, but not everyone wants to deal with that.  That’s not the only aspect to consider as you prepare your vehicle for transport.

Other factors that can impact pricing are your vehicle is size and weight.  Weight is probably the most significant thing when it comes to cost.  If you’d like to know why, you can read about it in this article.  It’s obvious, though – the heavier the vehicle, the more challenging it is to ship.

So, take that as a reason to clear your car before dropping it off.  This helps to reduce weight overall.  Saving a few bucks just from stopping at the car wash is an excellent deal.

So – is vehicle shipping worth the cost?

Finally, we can delve into whether this sort of service is worth your while or not.  There’s a lot to be taken into account here.  First, the price tends to be reasonable if you do not try to have your car shipped within twenty-four hours.

Compare the quote you get from a transport company to how much you’d be spending if you drive to the destination yourself.  Gas isn’t cheap these days, that’s for sure.  You’ll also have to stop along the way, which might involve a hotel stay depending on the length of the trip.

Often, you’ll find that transport services will cost less than driving the car yourself.  So, in that sense, it’s hard to say that it’s not worth it.  At the end of the day, though, it’s your call and money to spend.

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