Why Is My Car Being Towed?

Written By Alla Levin
July 13, 2023

Everybody has seen a vehicle being towed along the road. But have you ever considered the many reasons why this might happen? Essentially, towing a car allows you to transport it safely from one location to another without driving it on the road. There could be a variety of reasons why someone may choose to tow rather than drive a vehicle. But here are the top 5 most common reasons for towing in the USA. 

Why Is My Car Being Towed: Accidents

This is the most common thought for needing roadside assistance towing. Unfortunately, collisions and crashes are still a far too frequent in the USA. While being involved in an accident may not lead to serious physical injury for the drivers, the same may not be said for their vehicles. In such cases, it is impossible to drive the damaged vehicle away from the scene.

Which vehicles are more prone to sustain damages? A collision can damage all vehicles. However, as a rule of thumb, small urban cars, older vehicles, and vehicles that are already affected by rust are more likely to be too damaged for driving after even a minor collision. 

Breakdownwhy is my car being towed

Do you know the number one rule when investing in a vehicle? Maintenance! Unfortunately, a lot of vehicle owners fall behind maintenance requirements. Individual cars should be managed with the same care and attention as a business fleet. Indeed, protecting yourself as a driver in the event of an accident and keeping on top of maintenance are crucial decisions to make the most of your vehicle. 

As such, a breakdown can generally be avoided through maintenance care. 

Parking violations

Have you ever received a ticket for illegal parking? A parking violation is the third most common reason for towing a car. In many cases, cities only issue parking tickets. Parking tickets can be a surprising source of revenue for some cities, with NYC earning $545 million in parking tickets a year. 

Yurt, when illegal parking is also dangerous or obstructs the way, vehicles will be subject to towing for public safety. This can also happen to abandoned cars, which have remained parked and unclaimed for a long time. 

Roadside emergencies

Simple emergencies do not need to put you or your vehicle at risk. You might run out of fuel on the road, for example. Or you may find yourself locked out of your vehicle. These things happen, and if you can’t find assistance to help you at the stop, your vehicle will likely be towed to a safe location where the issue can be resolved. 

Why is my car being towed: transportation

If you are moving long distances or have a classic car you want to use on location, you might find that towing can be a perfect solution. Towing used for transportation can provide peace of mind. It means your vehicle will reach the location without being driven. This is a wise decision to protect your car from unnecessary driving and damage! 

In conclusion, towing in the USA is a popular choice to cover accidents, breakdowns, emergencies, transportation, and parking violations. It is worth noting that companies providing towing services can also help resolve easy problems, such as a flat battery or empty fuel. Many have the equipment to act on the spot and help drivers, even without needing a tow!

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