Starting A Gun Collection? Here Are Some Add Ons You Should Have Too

Written By Sam Jonas
July 31, 2023

Firearms are a controversial subject. Wherever you stand on them, nobody can deny that for protection and hunting, they are very useful if you are somebody with a passion for firearms and want to start a collection of your own, then the actual weapons themselves are not the only things that you need to buy. If you want to collect firearms, you’ll also need to think about purchasing accessories. Some accessories are better than others so this post will tell you which ones you should prioritize buying:

Starting A Gun Collection: Laser Sights

If you enjoy hunting, consider buying a laser sight. Laser sights make it easier for you to hit your targets from long distances. Whether it’s the best value red dot for AR15 or even for a pistol that you are looking for, simple internet searches yield the best results. You do not need to obtain any special permissions to use laser sights on your weapons, though it’s worth checking what your local government’s stance on them is. Before equipping them and carrying your weapon outside with you, make sure you live in a state where concealed or open carry is allowed.

You can find out your state government’s rules by visiting their official website. Alternatively, if you know anybody that works in your local police force, you can contact them and ask. No matter where you live, there will be no such rules governing the use of laser sights when it comes to hunting.

As long as you are in an approved hunting area and you are hunting at the right time of the year, nobody is going to bother you for using a red dot sight on your firearms, as they are an effective way of ensuring kills are made.

Side Holster

If you carry pistols or side arms around, consider investing in a side holster. Side holsters give people the ability to carry their guns around with them discreetly. If you live in a state where concealment or open carry is permitted, side holsters are fantastic investments. If you are planning on purchasing a side holster, then you should verify that you are indeed able to carry weapons out in public prior to purchase. Buying and using one if you are not allowed to can get you into a lot of trouble.

It is also possible to buy slings, which are essentially just holsters for much larger weapons, like assault rifles. If you are going to purchase and use slings, make sure that you buy one, you’re able to access and use easily.

Buying a sling that does not give you easy access to your weapon is inadvisable. If you are planning on purchasing a sling, then make sure it fits your weapon perfectly. Most gun stores will allow you to try slings or holsters on before you buy them, so finding the one that is right for you should not be hard to do.

Weapon StandStarting A Gun Collection

If you are going hunting, you may want to invest in a stand or a tripod, more specifically. Buying a tripod will help you ensure that you can take shots without shaky hands getting in the way. Many amateur hunters find they have a very hard time taking shots from long distances. If an animal is in your weapon’s crosshairs and your hand is shaky or twitchy, you could miss it. A tripod will allow you to take more accurate shots, as the tripod will hold the weapon up, not you.

When looking for a tripod, you need to make sure that you find one that is solid and durable, purchasing a tripod that’s not solid is a bad idea. An unsteady tripod could lead to you missing shots. Additionally, a tripod that’s not completely steady is dangerous. Your weapon could end up swinging and pointing at you if it’s not fixed in place. Like with slings, you can try a weapon stand. All you have to do is go to a gun shop that’s selling them and ask to try out their tripods.

Rifle Sights

If you use a rifle, consider investing in sights. Rifle sights will allow you to see over long distances. If you are planning on buying sights for your rifle, then you need to make sure that you buy the most useful one you can. Try to find one that allows you to adjust the distance over which you are looking. Fixed telescopic sights can be useless as they only work over predetermined distances.

Most rural gun stores will have facilities for you to try out long-distance sights as you’ll be able to go out back. Try to find a gun store with a target range if you want to check out rifle sights in person.

Before making any purchases make sure that you read reviews. A product’s reviews can tell you a lot about it and will make deciding whether or not to buy it a much simpler decision for you to make. When you are reading reviews you need to prioritize reading ones that have been posted on the major review sites, i.e., Google Review and Trustpilot. Reviews posted on a dealer’s own website can be biased and don’t often provide the most insightful looks into products.

Responsible Handling

If you are a firearms fanatic, make sure that you are responsible when it comes to handling and using your weapon. Please don’t make the mistake of irresponsibly using it. A lot of people do this nowadays and it’s a bad idea as irresponsible firearm use can lead to you injuring other people and can actually get you into a lot of trouble. If the police find out you have been recklessly using a firearm, you could get arrested and your license taken off of you.

Firearms are a lot of fun, if you use them safely and if you have the right accessories. If you are a recreational firearm user, then you should invest in the supplements listed here. All of them are useful for a variety of different reasons.

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