The Top Qualities to Seek When Hiring a Competent Lawyer

Written By Alla Levin
August 11, 2023

A lawyer is far more than the person who secures your freedom in the case of a criminal case or compensation in a civil matter.

Oftentimes, they will be the only people you can confide in regarding your situation who will understand your plight and be willing to fight on your behalf actively.

While extensive experience is unquestionably necessary in your specific situation, other equally significant factors at work together to produce a person who can assist in whatever case you find yourself dealing with. This post will explore the obvious and not-so-obvious qualities you should look out for when in the process of hiring the right attorney for your case.

Hiring a Competent Lawyer: Experience In Relevant Practice Areas

The first quality is perhaps the most apparent, i.e., you want a lawyer who understands the complexities of your case and has pertinent experience with that particular area of law.

Moreover, they should practice the specific subset within the larger scope of the law. For instance, personal injury is a broad category that encompasses everything from slips and falls to serious medical malpractice lawsuits.

Conversely, criminal law may range from homicide to drunk driving. It is crucial to choose a lawyer with expertise in the field in which you are accused when making this decision.

To complicate things further, every state will have its own set of laws and regulations that can differ quite significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This DUI defense attorney in Greeneville notes the different punishments you will receive in South Carolina depend on whether it’s a first, second, or third-time offense.

These punishments will vary depending on the state you are arrested in. Therefore, it is wise to select a law firm based on their experience in a specific area of law and where they’re based.

Strong Analytical And Problem-Solving SkillsThe Top Qualities to Seek When Hiring a Competent Lawyer

Any attorney worth their salt will be able to flex their analytical skills in ways that the average eros might find perplexing. The law requires a capable mind that can sift through the white noise that often surrounds a suit (criminal or civil) and develop strategies to guarantee success.

While some minds are naturally capable of innate problem-solving, in reality, this ability only comes with time and experience. When choosing a lawyer, you should aim to find one who has been in the game for a while and already has numerous cases under their belt.

While you don’t need someone with a 100% success rate, the higher, the better. The longer they have been helping people, the more likely it is they will understand the nuances of some instances, how to speak with witnesses to get a more desirable statement, and even how to speak with a judge in such a way that garners results but remains respectful and non-combative (something judges appreciate).

Excellent Communication And Negotiation Skills

When seeking legal counsel, communication should be high on your list of advantageous qualities. You should be aware that this refers to all forms of communication, though, from the way they interact with you to how they hold themselves in court.

They need to be able to convey a broad and complex range of topics succinctly so that everyone is on the same page and no one is confused by proceedings. Moreover, their negotiation skills should be second to none. This is particularly pertinent regarding tort cases since, most of the time; you will want to avoid going to court if possible.

If your attorney has the gift of the gab and is able to secure you the compensation you are after by simply speaking with the other side, you will save an enormous amount of time and money. Even though some cases will unavoidably go to trial, the better your lawyer is at negotiating, the more likely you are to avoid the hassles of lengthy litigation.

Attention To Detail And AccuracyThe Top Qualities to Seek When Hiring a Competent Lawyer

Regardless of the reasons you have for hiring a lawyer in the first place, you should select one who has fastidious attention to detail and prizes accuracy over all else. When it comes to the law, the devil is in the detail, and even the slightest detail can derail a case you thought was a sure thing.

Having a lawyer with solid attention to detail is like having your own personal detective; they can spot any potential legal issues that could derail your case before it even begins and create strategies that address each relevant point without leaving anything out. A skilled attorney will also more likely persuade judges or juries if all their facts are correct! 

Possess A Friendly Demeanor That Makes It Simple To Establish A Rapport

The law can seem like a pretty dry field of study to most people who aren’t in the industry. It involves incredible people skills since most of the work involves talking to people, judges, other attorneys, witnesses, etc. Your lawyer should be personable and able to create a rapport with you as soon as you meet.

This is much more significant than most people realize, and if you find yourself unable to connect, you might want to search elsewhere. When you don’t get along with your attorney, meeting up, discussing progress, and asking for help when needed is more challenging. While you don’t need to become best friends, mutual understanding is vital for a successful relationship.

Empathy And Understanding Of Client Needs

When you’re on the hunt for a great lawyer, it’s not just about their experience and track record. Those things are essential, as you’ve already read, but there’s something else that should carry equal weight  – empathy and understanding of your needs.

You need someone who is really able to get into your shoes and understand what you’re going through from a personal level. It means they have to be an active listener and give full attention when talking with you so that both parties can communicate effectively without any doubt in mind.

An attorney lacking this quality might not put enough effort into your case because they don’t quite comprehend why certain things are essential for you as an individual client.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you in the legal realm is an intimidating task, especially if your first time. Nonetheless, once you know what to look for and the reasons behind them, you will be more comfortable during your search and more likely to find one you can connect with, who has your interests at heart and is a capable communicator.

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