Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Your Green Card

Written By Alla Levin
August 15, 2023

Renewing your Green Card might seem like a bureaucratic hurdle, but it’s essential to maintaining your legal status in the United States. While the process can be straightforward, there are common mistakes that many applicants fall prey to.

To ensure a smooth renewal experience, we’ve compiled a guide highlighting the stumbling blocks you should steer clear of. From misconceptions to procedural blunders, let’s explore the common missteps to avoid if you’re wondering how to renew Green Card status.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renewing Your Green Card: Ignoring the Timeline

Your Green Card isn’t something you can file away and forget about. One of the most common mistakes is failing to keep track of your renewal timeline.

Begin the process at least six months before your Green Card expires. Don’t let procrastination get the best of you; planning ahead can spare you from last-minute stress and potential gaps in your lawful residency.

Neglecting Eligibility Criteria

Before diving into the renewal process, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. Has your marital status changed? Did you move to a new address?

These factors can impact your renewal eligibility. Ignoring these changes could lead to unnecessary complications down the road. Review the eligibility criteria on the official USCIS website or consult an immigration attorney if you’re unsure.

Inaccurate Form Filling

Completing the Form I-90 accurately is paramount. Each question requires meticulous attention; even a small error could lead to delays or rejections. Avoid the trap of rushing through the form; double-check your responses, spelling, and dates of birth. Make sure to sign and date the form as well.

Missing Supporting Documentation

reach out to USCIS
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Renewing your Green Card necessitates providing the appropriate supporting documents. A common blunder is submitting incomplete or outdated documents. Check the USCIS website for a comprehensive list of required documents and ensure they are current and legible copies. Remember, providing the right documents on time can expedite your renewal process.

Neglecting the Biometrics Appointment

Once you submit your Form I-90, you’ll receive instructions for a biometrics appointment. Failing to attend this appointment is a misstep that can lead to serious consequences. This appointment is vital for verifying your identity and background, so make sure to mark it on your calendar and attend punctually.

Overlooking Address Updates

Have you moved recently? Forgetting to update your address with USCIS can result in important notices being sent to the wrong location. This oversight could lead to missed deadlines and complications with your renewal. Keep your address up to date through the USCIS Online Change of Address system to avoid any hassles.

Disregarding Filing Fees

Green Card renewal comes with a cost, and neglecting to pay the required fees is a frequent misstep. The fees are subject to change, so make sure to verify the current amount before submitting your application. Missing the fee payment could lead to delays or even a rejection of your renewal application.

Forgetting to Sign the Application

It might seem trivial, but forgetting to sign your application can result in a rejected submission. Your signature confirms that the information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Remember, a physical signature holds immense importance even in this digital age.

Failure to Follow Up

After submitting your renewal application, keeping tabs on its status is crucial. It’s not uncommon for applications to get lost in the shuffle, and not following up could lead to undue delays.

Utilize the USCIS online tracking system to monitor your application’s progress, and reach out to USCIS if you notice any unusual delays. Additionally, consider setting up email or text notifications through the USCIS tracking system to stay promptly informed about any updates or changes to your application status.

Overlooking Legal Assistance

Navigating the Green Card renewal process can be complex, and overlooking the value of legal assistance is a pitfall many fall into.

Immigration laws and procedures can change, and having an experienced immigration attorney can help you avoid errors and ensure a smooth renewal process. While legal assistance comes at a cost, it can save you time, stress, and potential setbacks.


Renewing your Green Card doesn’t have to be a daunting task fraught with missteps. By staying informed, planning ahead, and avoiding common errors, you can streamline the renewal process.

Remember to stay attentive to deadlines, ensure accuracy in your forms and documents, and seek help when needed. Your Green Card renewal journey should be a step towards continued legal residency, not a stumbling block.

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