Are Airline Credit Cards Like the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Worth It

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2023

Are Airline Credit Cards Like the Alaska Airlines Credit Card Worth It

Airline credit cards boast of being valuable financial solutions for those who travel frequently by air.  It can be daunting to select among the many on the market because so many offer a vast array of benefits, but finding the best among the crowd is vital to read the terms and conditions to see how to achieve the benefits. That’s especially true with welcome bonuses.

These are usually outstanding, but there’s always give and take to see the reward. Usually, a set limit of a few thousand dollars must be spent within a specified period. For the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card, you must spend roughly $ 3,000 within 90 days for 40,000 bonus miles and a BOGO ticket for just taxes and fees.

Many airline cards will supply complimentary baggage checks, while some will offer companion flights for substantial discounts. Both of these are advantages of Alaska Airlines, generous benefits.

A priority is ensuring that the benefits are more valuable than the annual fee being charged for the card. With Alaska Airlines Visa Signature, that’s relatively easy, with a mere $95 annual fee.

Should you consider an airline credit card as one to add to your credit profile? Let’s consider the advantages of doing so.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Adding an Airline Credit Card to Your Profile

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature is among the premium airline credit cards with many generous perks, but why should a consumer consider an airline card as an addition to their credit profile? First, you need to be someone who travels frequently by air.

Plus, there needs to be substantial yearly benefits that make the annual fees worth the cost, not to mention a “welcome” like none you’ve received with any other card. If you’ve had airline or travel cards, the only reason to add another is if the perks, including the welcome, supersede those.

And if you don’t have one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t want to knock your socks off with the first one. Find the pros and cons of airline credit cards at, and then let’s look at the benefits you should expect.

A significant welcome bonus Alaska Airlines Credit Card Worth It

The ongoing perks of an airline card are generally better, but signing on is advantageous in itself with a new card that offers an exceptional welcome bonus.

Before committing to a new card, if you already have one, it’s essential to read all the terms and conditions to see how they compare to your existing plan, including the annual fee.

There’s no reason to add another card lower or similar in value. If it’s your first airline card, compare a few before deciding. The welcome bonus should knock your socks off, considering what many offer and the potential benefits.

That doesn’t mean your credit score will make you privy to some of the more premium offers, but shopping for the best offer is wise.

The categories associated with bonus earnings

According to select purchases from qualified spending, cardholders will earn bonus miles plus receive a mile for standard purchases. This is starting to change for varied airline cards, with more miles accrued for particular categories depending on the specific card.

It maximizes your rewards when you get an airline card that supplies bonus miles on major expenses aside from travel, including purchases like gas, restaurants, and other primary items.

Checking bags and priority boarding

Most airlines charge for checking bags but will occasionally supply complimentary checking. That’s true with Alaska Airlines especially; they’re very generous with their bag checking, allowing up to 6 travelers in a group to check one complimentary bag.

Another priority is to find a card that will give you priority boarding. Aside from the elite flyers and those in first class, priority boarding will provide you with access to your seat and stow your carry-ons above the seat before other passengers.

Not all airline cards give this privilege, but a few offer the advantage. Go here to decide if airline credit cards are worth it.

Companion tickets or flight discounts

Some of the premium airline cards will supply extended companion discounts each year. Alaska Airlines offers a companion fare with a welcome bonus and an annual fare “beginning at $122” following purchases equaling $6000 in the previous year, which is exceptionally beneficial for the mere $95 annual fee.

If Airline Credit Cards Are Worth It: Final Thought

Airline cards have the potential to earn exceptional miles for free flights. Still, there is an incredible array of other perks and privileges, from complimentary baggage checks to boarding the plane early and having premium lounge access, not to mention reduced companion fares, each meant to make travel more enjoyable.

Alaska Airline Visa Signature credit card is among the favored cards for flight travel with premium benefits and an exceptional welcome bonus with a minimal annual fee.

Depending on your specific travel needs and what you prefer, there should be an airline card with adequate benefits you can maximize to supersede the yearly fee they expect.

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