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A Simple Guide to Upgrading Your Hiking Arsenal

If your hiking gear is going to fail you, Murphy’s law says it will be while you’re out and about and in the middle of nowhere. Before each adventure you take, it pays to go through your hiking arsenal and check on the wear and tear of your gear.

The last thing you want is to reach the top of a mountain, set up your tent, and realize there’s a section of it that’s shredded, which you’d either forgotten about or didn’t realize.

As well as this, there are constant improvements in performance, durability, and weight for hiking gear, so it’s good to keep your eye on what products are on the market that could make your hikes more enjoyable. Let`s start with basic hiking gear and the ultimate beginner camping guide.

Torch Upgrades

When hikers start to collect their gear and begin hiking, torches can often be left at the bottom of the shopping list with a limited budget, which is fine if you’re beginning with daytime hikes. When you start extending your hikes, you will want to upgrade to a high-quality LED torch that will keep you safe and do its job properly.  


The most common piece of equipment to deteriorate is your boots, for apparent reasons. They take a thrashing when you’re out on the trail, so it’s important to make sure that you check them before setting out on each hike and ensure they are in good working order.

How often you will need to replace them depends on a few variables such as how often you go hiking, the quality of the boot, the terrain you visit, and how heavy your pack is.

Luckily some pretty apparent signs will let you know when your boots have just about had their runs, such as the tread wearing down or the stitching beginning to pop at the seams. Also, if the waterproofing starts to fail or they aren’t comfortable to wear anymore, then it’s time to look for a replacement.


When you’re upgrading your hiking arsenal, it’s essential to have something to put it all in! Quality backpacks range in styles and capacities from simple day hiking packs to larger packs used for expeditions.

A good backpack should last a long time, so it’s worth investing in a quality that will give you years of use.

The other great thing about investing in a quality backpack is that many manufacturers will give you a lifetime warranty, so when your pack does start to deteriorate from essential wear and tear, they will repair it for you or replace it.

For this reason, the only time you should need to get a new backpack on your hiking tools list is if you decide you want something more lightweight or a different carrying capacity from the one you are currently using.

Hiking Tools List: Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag will make your hike. When you’re out in the wilderness, temperatures are likely to drop at night time, and one thing that will ruin your trip is if you can’t get a good night’s sleep because you’re freezing – not to mention you can end up sick and having to call it quits early.

Correct storage can make a big difference to the longevity of your sleeping bag, so be sure to treat it with care and follow the manufacturer’s directions when you’re using it and once you get home.

When you’re ready to set off on your next trip, check your sleeping bag for fraying, especially around the zipper.

Also, check the zipper is working correctly and won’t snag and break when you zip up for the night. This is one essential item in your hiking tools list that you want to make sure is in good working order.


So before you set out, check your gear and note any issues while you’re on the trail. Happy hiking!

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